Not sure

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Not sure

My boyfriend works away in the North for 2 week stretches.
Anyway, he'll be away this xmas, so today I was making christmas for him, getting a tree, big turkey dinner ( cooking myself) exchange gifts etc.
Last night I had to work late, so he went bowling with friends and we were supposed to meet up around midnight. Anyway, he showed up at 2 am.
I waited up so we could exchange "xmas eve" gifts.
He arrived, all was fine, then I looked at his face. Pupils dilated, I knew instantly cocaine. I asked him and he admitted it.
He slept on the couch, I honestly want to cancel the christmas idea, I kinda just want him to leave. It's 8 am, I'm awake and who knows when he'll get up.
As far as I know, he doesn't use that often, I guess I don't know because he's gone at work so much.
Feel really disrespected.
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sorry to hear this, I hope you do what is best for you.
You are still going through a lot for yourself, please keep your sobriety safe.
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I am sorry to hear this, too, Jsb. It must be very difficult for you.

I hope that you keep your sobriety your number 1 priority.
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Sorry to hear it.

Hope you don't let it thwart you from your own sobriety.
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