One of us - looking at 20 years.

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One of us - looking at 20 years.

Hi all,
Glad to report I made it back from Angola this morning - and even happier to have cobbled together 40 days now !

On a sad note, and a very very stark reminder of what this disease called alcoholism can do to us - a year ago, on a Friday night, just down the street from my home, a young lady, blitzed drunk, hit another young lady riding home on a bicycle from her neighborhood grocery store job. The driver was apparently sooo drunk she didn't even know she had hit anyone, let alone killed her in a hit & run, till next morning when her roomate told her to look at her car. Long story short - she was found guilty today here, and likely to be sentenced to 20 years in coming days.

I am soooo sad about all this. Am both an avid cyclist, and, have driven home stoned drunk too many times to count. There but for the grace of God go I.

I don't know what my newly adopted higher power has in store for me, but I know for sure it's NOT picking up another drink !!! Peace-out, MJM
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Psalm 118:24
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I'm always keeping this in the back of my mind riding my harley .
Big reason I don't ride it very late at night especially on weekends.
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So sad.
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That is terrible! That is a horrible "bottom"! I feel bad for everyone involved. That could be any of us! :-( Prayers!
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Tragic all around.

Wrlome back, HOUMJM.
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Congratulations on your successful journey MJM!

The post you made is indeed a stark reminder of the wretched nature of the beast. What a tragedy for all involved in that situation. Who knows how many times I may have come close to a similar event. With a humbled heart I can thankfully say that those days are OVER.

Great job on 40 days!
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What a tragic story for everyone involved. Imagine spending 20 years in prison for a crime you committed, but you had no memory of it.
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I don't drink and drive, but lately with my blackouts who the hell knows what I'd get up to....
I pen pal with inmates, and so many of their crimes were while they were drunk or on drugs.
One has a manslaughter charge from when he was in his early 20's, he drove home after graduation while drunk,he got life. Smart, wonderful person, spending life in prison, so sad.
And of course horrible for the families and the person that was killed, so bad all around.
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Drinking and Driving costs lives.

It costs the life of the innocent person, just walking or driving about their business and it cost the lives of the person who drank.

Only one of them had a choice, maybe not to drink but definitly to engage in driving while drunk.

This is a tragic story and I am not sure how I feel about it. I think it comes down to life choices and the consequences of those choices.

We have all made a choice to abstain from drinking, this choice is conscious and anyone can do this, you just need to stick with it, no matter which program you follow or any at all, you just have to take the long term view and say. No thanks, I am finished with that drinking game, I have moved on.
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Awful story. They're always remorseful and repentant when it's too late.
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I had the same exact thought as Serindad. That could have been any of us.

A couple years ago a kid in my town was celebrating his 18th birthday. Got drunk, drove down the wrong side of the highway, and killed a father and 6 month old baby. No one is safe from alcohols effects.

So sad for all involved
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Thanks for the reminder that alcohol is not my friend. I totaled a car after leaving the bar when I was 19 drinking and driving and luckily the only person I hurt was myself. I drove into a hydro pole and that had to be replaced. Amazing that I'm still alive. Been given lots of second chances after that. So very grateful to be sober today to share the dangers of alcohol.
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This post is a reminder to me that we truly don't have control over has control over us. Blackouts are serious, not just merely "something that happens" when drinking. Blackouts are not common to most people. Blacking out means that that area of our brain; the hippocampus has been impacted and damaged. Once the damage is done to our brain, it is done. Many of us have lingering memory issues because of our alcoholism. Towards the end of my drinking, I didn't even need to drink that much before I blacked out. We are capable of anything when we are in a blackout.
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