Reset my sobriety date :-(

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i go to aa so i can never forget just what the drink did to me, i see new comers all the time and its just such a powerful tool in my box as it makes me feel like it was only yesterday i was waking up hung over, wishing i hadnt drank the night before etc and its been over 10 years for me without a drink so i need to never forget were i have come from and more importantly what is there waiting for me if i was to pick up a drink again

i dont know what you have been doing so far for help yourself but maybe you should look at other options ?

for me without help and guidance i am like a boat in the ocean without a rudder, i will end up going all over the place with no way to control
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I do need to set up some strategies to keep
me on track. I'm new to this so I guess it's a learning curve for me.. We don't have an local AA meetings but my Dr is very supportive..
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Don't give up. You can and will get this if you are committed to doing whatever it takes. Today is a new day and today you don't drink. Build on that,

Take care and stay strong.
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