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Four years sober today.

I want to post in Newcomers that SR was a vital tool in my early recovery, and that reading and posting here was at time my single link to hope and sanity.

Being a pot smoking benzoed out beer hound for a decade left me in pretty bad shape when I went cold turkey on September 15, 2010. It was the benzos that came back to bite me in the behind about 10 days "sober." By September 28 I ended up in the hospital for a 10-day stint, and was released on October 8.

I was so out of my mind I didn't realize I was sober. Heck, I couldn't even turn on my computer for a month or so, and stumbled across SR later in 2010 and had the gumption to join early the next year.

By that time, I had stumbled into the rooms of AA and NA. I was living in Southeast Asia at the time, and in those rooms this jittery, stumbling and mumbling dude found people just like me, nationals and expats, who accepted me, shared their similar stories, and helped me in ways few strangers ever think of offering others.

But it was the lonely mornings and nights when SR was here 24/7, when disembodied digital voices encouraged me, shared with me their journeys and were just plain there that I am forever grateful.

If you're new, don't give up. Believe me, I got sober at the end of a 40-year run on drinking and doping. My cold turkey hospital experience was a tad extreme, and some might not be able to identify with me because of it (three of those 10 days were in four point restraints), but if I can do this sober thing, so can you.
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Do your best
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4 years is fantastic well done
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Congratulations and as they say KEEP COMING.

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four years is wonderful! I am going to post that some day! ( actually 2 years from now ahahaha)
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Wow congratulations!
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Wow, that is AMAZING. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
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Congratulations MB - that's a marvellous achievement

Thanks for all your contributions here

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How wonderful MemphisBlues! Your SR family is so proud of you.
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What a fantastically inspirational post...thanks for taking the time to share your success story with those of us just starting the journey and in need of encouragement.
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