Emotionally sensitive while quitting

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Emotionally sensitive while quitting

Today someone made a crack about my weight (I should point out I'm not super fat, around 14 stone, so overweight, but nothing shocking) and while usually I'd not care less. I found myself genuinely hurt. I've found things are bothering me than they usually, I've got a pretty thick skin.

Anyone else feel this way... kind of..... emotionally raw?
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Yes. I've been super-touchy lately and unwilling to let any casual remark slide!
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Do your best
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Sticks and stones...
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Early recovery can be an emotional rollercoaster. I think a lot of us were super-sensitive for a while.

I know I drank for so long in order not to feel - when feelings came back they came back in a rush...

Things will return to normal, TT
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
I know I drank for so long in order not to feel - when feelings came back they came back in a rush...
exactly. feelings? no thanks! I wanted nothing to do with them.
Now, having them and being sober, clear minded and alert (most of the time) it's a huge adjustment working THROUGH them.

It is getting a bit smoother as time goes Thomas...hang in.
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Raw is a good way to describe it. My emotions were haywire for about six months- things came back to normal.

Having said that over my last few years of drinking my emotional reactions had become more unpredictable and unstable. I had overreacted inappropriately, felt angry a lot and at times when drinking alone started crying uncontrollably.
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Yes all the time, I think once you quit, the mind takes a long time to adjust. Lots of times I am lost, and feel like I have nothing to do. I almost felt like yelling at someone one day because they said, " you seem like you have something wrong with you" I mean really I think that comment was meant to help, but my mind plays tricks on me in my current state so what I heard was " hey man you're messed up", but as the sober days pile up I am certain my head will as well.
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Yeah. I also have major doom and gloom. But getting better.
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Yes, my spouse tells me I am too sensitive and read negative things into situations. Wish I could develop a better attitude of self worth, so snide or perceived negative comments would wash right over me.
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