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I did good for three weeks and now I am back...What is it going to take...blood work came out ok....liver is fine....I want perfect.....I know the answer to my first question...I just have to do it...what vitamins do I need, what food do I need to eat....gym starts Tuesday....please help....I need this for me as well as for my grands...
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Welcome back Tony. Were you working any formal program at all or just "not drinking" during your 3 weeks? Sometimes we need extra help, whether that be Meeting based recovery, some kind of counseling, online recovery tools like SR, or any combination of the above.

Regarding your nutrition question, if your blood work came back fine I would think that any balanced diet would be fine. If you have specific concerns or feel you are deficient you might want to check back with your doctor.
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I think it's a mental commitment firstly. It's relearning how to deal with life because alcohol is self-medicating. You need to deal with what you do when you are stressed and what you do when you are happy. I mean given how you abused alcohol. For me, it was a reward and a stress reliever. It was just something I turned to. The first thing is to break the grip it has on you. That was the hard part. Once you create a distance between you and alcohol you can see it for what it is and the damage it really does and how it's just not worth it. You can appreciate waking up sober, losing the bloat, having people respond to you differently. My anxiety has gone down substantially and I also think drinking constantly was making me a bit paranoid.

I actually haven't hit the gym yet, I had 3 kids go back to school on Tuesday and was adjusting to that (one went from preschool to elementary and another went from elementary to middle school so it's a big adjusting week). I've always tried to eat right. The times I ate poorly were when I was drunk. Vitamins? I tend to forget to take them.

Mostly for me, it was a commitment. It was a realization that alcohol was going to take down and destroy my life eventually. I never got a DUI, never got in an accident and my health is good but I knew it was just a matter of time.
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It took the court system to get me serious about my drinking problem. I wouldn't have even considered my drinking a problem otherwise.
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What is it going to take, I asked myself that same question over the years. The answer is different for each person. If you are ready, do whatever it takes not to pick up the first drink, no matter what. Use the program which is most helpful to you. Visit SR daily, even if just to check in. Make staying sober/not picking up a priority everyday. Take care...
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soberjuly you are right....It is not only for me but for my family....I am so mad at myself but at the same time...I am tired of this......I was doing great...but back on now...I just need the vitamins to take
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I had to literally nearly die such a shame i made it come to that

hope it all goes well at docs
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My problem came is I witness a shooting of my boyfriend in front me..its Tonya...but its ok...its been years back...2009....I am trying to get out of this cycle.....I love my grands...and want to be here form going forwards...whatever I have to do.....I will do it...sober
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Originally Posted by soberwolf View Post
I had to literally nearly die such a shame i made it come to that

hope it all goes well at docs
If back in 2006 somebody had come back and said to me, "Jill, your liver is going to fail in 8 years if you don't stop drinking", would I have stopped then? Probably not. Why would I? Things were great! 2014 was years away! I am a firm believer that when it is your time to quit, you will know it. I mean truly quit. For me, it was Divine Intervention, but it was my Time.

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Hi and welcome back Tonyac42

I think lasting success depends on two main things - finding support (and using it) and making the changes necessary in your life to support your commitment to stay sober.

If you work on those two things I think that's a great position to start from.

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Please try Tonya. I realized I just couldn't put my family through this anymore. My son is 13 and he started asking me if I wanted a glass of wine and he would get it for me. I was a subpar inattentive mother. I was an inattentive wife. Everyone was scared of me. They scattered like roaches when we got home because they knew I wanted my me time. Me time was getting drunk time. I never realized this until I got sober. I was like, where is everyone going? And the response was 'we wanted to give you space' 'we didn't think you wanted to be bothered' 'we were giving you me time'. Things I had said. My husband seemed especially nervous around me. We weren't together as a family. It was me and my booze. They all avoided me.

Once I sobered up, wow, I realized how much time it really took from my life. Time to buy booze, time to drink, time passed out. When I first sobered up I was like "what do I do now with all this free time?" Well, I was on here a LOT. Now, I'm not on as much and I am taking care of years of clutter and disorganization.

When my kids had to tell me what happened the day before because I had barely any memory of the entire day, I knew I had to quit.
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