What to drink instead....

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What to drink instead....

A question I've seen an awful lot of around here is "what the hell should I drink now that I don't drink??"

Here's one that I've stumbled across that is;

-Really tasty
-Very healthy
-Rejuvenatory for the innards of we who have abused our innards
-Kinda "feels" special (crisp, fresh, sparkling and 'fancy')

I particularly like the "mojito" flavor, but they're all damn good. Take 'em along to special events where people are going to be drinking so you'll have your answer to "can I get you something to drink". Keep 'em in your fridge so you have a treat on hand when you feel the pull of a craving. Use 'em as your celebratory bevvie - they elicit a feel-good outcome in your body.... have one daily for general health and restoration.

Probiotic Drinks | KeVita Sparkling, Organic, Vegan Beverages
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They sound great! Any idea if they are a available in the UK?
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I drink flavored seltzer water all the time now.
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whatsgoing on;

looks like it!

KeVita launch three new probiotic drink flavours | News | The Food People
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hmm... maybe not... I assumed it was available since this is a uk website, but the links all go back to the US site and the article talks about US retailers...

surely there must be some similar probiotic drink product in the UK though.
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I'm hooked on flavoured seltzer water with lemon/lime.
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hmmm, they have these at my local grocery, must be in the organic section. I will have a look and report back this weekend.
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Thanks, looks good! I also will splurge on Craft Root-beer now and then for special events or camping!
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As an englishman tea is the only option. Even as a slobbering drunk I needed to drink 5 cups a day so they didn't revoke my citizenship.
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hey ultradad!!

me too!! Root Beer is one of my go-to's if I'm in a bar-restaurant or if I'm going to a party I'll often bring that or ginger beer.

I've been seriously considering starting a craft root beer brewing operation... making the world a little less alcoholic, one bottle at a time!
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My fave.
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@FreeOwl: Probiotic, you say? I'm sure that's good news for the dairy avoiders who don't eat/drink yogurt or kefir.

In the morning I drink coffee and in the evening/weekends I like a good strong glass of iced tea with sugar and sometimes lemon.
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Always just flavored seltzer waters. La Croix has so many flavors. Just bought a 12 pack this morning.
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love the lacroix...

I use it to do a 50/50 with fruit and fresh veggie juice sometimes as well.
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I just checked out the site and they do look good. I also appreciate the other members' suggestions. As I am new to this, it helps to have as many options as I can get to substitute for alcohol. Drinking soda only would get old really quick.
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Following a suggestion from croissant, I'm a good way down a huge bottle of fizzy water today, and as an English lass, tea of course is a must (nod to MrBen)

Have recently found aloe vera juices as well, definately something different from soda and very good for "digestive matters"
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hmmm wonder if the ocean spray will work to help flavor club soda,,, may have to give that a try. Have been trying different flavors nothing quite yet works.
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Those sound good and are actually available in my neck of the woods. I'll have to go pick a couple up. Yumm! Thanks!!!
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Love this topic.

I drink tons of herbal teas during the week but weekends seem kind of lacking....i do wonder what i can drink that will feel "special" and i know yall know what i mean lol

Tonic water, seltzer water etc all good ideas since i was used to double n tripple shot whiskeys lol

Thsnks guys for the tips
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Lime, soda water and ice or blackcurrant, soda water and ice. Lush!
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