Day one...again

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SOO out of control in so many aspects of my life. Painful, death of a friend, work sucks, would love to grab a bottle and just drink. But its never helped me before. So I will refrain. But sure would like to escape for a bit.
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Going for a nap. Can't seem to get motivated to do anything else.
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Stick with it GoodKitty

The more you deal with the more capable you'll feel and the less you'll want to escape

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I think you are confusing failing at something with being a failure. There not the same thing IMO. Whenever I try something new, I expect to make mistakes and fail at it sometimes. I look at it as something I needed to learn in order to eventually succeed at it. Think of other goals you made. How many of them went perfect and reached that goal on the first attempt. I can't think of any. But if that goal was important to me, I'd keep trying until I succeeded. What a great feeling when that happens, right? You just failed. Your not a failure unless you choose to be one.
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