Fighting the craving (AV)

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Fighting the craving (AV)

Hey all. As usual whenever I go into town to run errands and what not I get hit with the AV at some point, usually between 5-6 because thats usually when I'd start drinking. Today it was intense so I went home and tried to distract myself with researching around SR and reading. I was starting to feel like I was losing but then I stumbled on to an old post by Dee.

"this was a technique that helped me a lot in the early days to deal with cravings.

It's all about observing our craving - trying not to be a part of it, if that makes sense?

We can feel the feeling, but we don't need to act on it - as simple a concept as it is, that was a real revelation for me

We can, if you like, learn to surf the 'wave' of our cravings...and not end up wiped out"

The Alcoholism and Addictions Help Forums- by (urge surfing)

It clicked with me and I made it through another day. Thanks Dee... Hope you don't mind me reposting this.
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not at all - spread the word Hawk

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Yay Hawk and thank you! Glad you are doing better now. It will get easier to get past that five to six o'clock witching hour. I just kept plowing through knowing that if I just made it to seven, I was going to be okay that day. Eventually I stopped wanting a drink and thinking about other things instead.

Have a great night!
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I like to think of it as learning how to surf those 'waves' that come my way. Makes it more of a fun challenge...if that makes sense. Uhg.. now brain fog is a whole other challenge.
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Whenever you get that urge Hawk,
just log-in here. There will be more
urges but, you CAN handle them.
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The ability to separate the emotional urge to drink (over which I have no control) from my rational, thinking self has been the single greatest tool I have for building a sober life. The ability to do this cannot be over rated or overstated.

I fought it's voice a thousand times and lost. I was convinced I could reason with the unreasonable; teach the unteachable; shame the unshamable. All wasted effort. I cannot make it not be.

Now I observe - and win. It cannot make me do.
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Thank you for posting this
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Hi. When I was fighting the cravings it was suggested that drinking a lot of water and or ice cream sodas might help. The sodas worked for me! Our bodies are in tune with the hour of the day much of the time and like you I drank for years later in the afternoon and the body wanted it’s refreshment which the soda supplied along with the sugar the body misses from the alcohol conversion.

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