A test

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A test

Hello, Friends,

Had a small test this afternoon. Was working and ran out of cigarettes. I normally puff on an electrical cigarette but the batteries were dead.

We've got a tiny shopping centre nearby, about 4 k's down the road. The only place that sells smokes there is guess what? A bottlestore.

Anyway, arrived there and sat in the car for a couple of minutes reflecting what I was going to do. Stick my head in the lion's mouth or drive another 10 or so k's to a bigger mall.

Entered the bottle store (they sell cigarettes at the counter only so I didn't have to enter the main shop). The lady recognised me and sort of started reaching around to get the bottle. I just asked her for a packet of cigarettes, paid for it and went back to the car.

Looked back over my shoulder and saw their fancy car parked outside and thought "Yeah, my addiction probably paid for half of that".

Well, folks, that was it. Not very dramatic, but I think I passed the test. No cravings, no urge to guzzle, nothing.

I'm still very conscious and alert and mindful of complacency and I've got my guard up against the "one sip won't hurt syndrome". Very pedantic about that. Top of my mind, always.

I'm never going back to that slavery. I don't have any more "get out of hell cards" left in my deck.

My next project is to kick the smokes. That's scheduled for April. Can only take on one ogre at a time.

Keep strong and keep posting guys.

Sober weekends to all. Monday is going to be great.

Best wishes,

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Well done. Good for you. Enjoy cigs, I know they are bad but not as bad as booze. Thats the opinion of an alcoholic not a doctor.

God bless.
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Way to go for passing that test.
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Well done Bruce.
I don't think these seemingly trivial tests are trivial at all. Each one is yet another success, and when you add up all these small battle wins, the war is well and truly being won.
So hold your head up high and be proud of you continuing wins.
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Good job, Bruce. I hated that feeling of shame I felt when I went to my go-to store for wine. Practically every day.
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Thank you Sparkos and Holli and everyone else.

Lately I was exposed to some heavy duty drinking, but it was in a place I had never been to before and I was aware that it was going to happen and "take precautions".

This event happened in my "home ground" so to speak and was unplanned. This was one of the places I used to get my supplies and was almost too close to home. I always got the smaller spirit bottles (I thought that would help contain my drinking - silly me) which are kept by the cigarettes.

One poison down - booze, one to go - cigarettes.

Thanks again for the support, everyone.

Strength in your recovery,

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