Addicted to acetaminophen.

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Addicted to acetaminophen.

When I was a freshman in high school I had a light addiction to Tylenol and acetaminophen. It was nothing to really be concerned about and I was able to stop on my own. But just today I broke almost 3 years of being clean from them. I took four before noon and two after because I was with friends and they saw what I was doing. I promised them I would find help, so that is what I am doing. I am looking for any help that someone can offer. I tried a hotline number and they told me you cannot get addicted and hung up. I am looking for anyone with any advice or hotline numbers that will not turn me away. Thank you.
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I had no idea Tylenol could be addictive. At any rate, you'll find a lot of support here.
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hi Max,
I do know someone who had a problem with Tylenol to manage pain. Is there something like a sore back that you take it for or does it give you a 'high'?
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You can certainly become habituated to taking OTC painkillers in quantities larger and far larger than recommended, and taking large quantities of acetominophen can permanently damage your liver.

Max, why did you start taking so much acetominophen, and how did you stop before?

PS I think keys to quitting include separating yourself from your supply and changing your habits that you associate with use. So if you take 3 pills each morning when you brush your teeth in the bathroom, throw out the pills & start brushing your teeth in the kitchen.
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As an addictive who has abused most things. You can't get addicted to paracetamol which is the other name for acetaminophen. If it was addictive they would not sell it at pretty much any shop lol. If you are talking about tylenol that has codeine, well codeine is definately addictive. But if you think you have been addicted to paracetamol, I find that extremely difficult to believe

Abusing paracetamol is not a good idea as it will not get you high in any way whatsoever, but it will shut your liver down
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@wastinglife I think it started with knee pain, I haven't had the pain in awhile but I believe that is how it started.
@courage2 I believe I started running out so I told myself I needed to save some in case I really got hurt. We have had the bottle of Walgreens version of Tylenol for almost a year, and today was the first day I took it without having any pain.
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Hi Max - welcome

Personally I've seen all manner of addictions on these boards - yours is not the weirdest by any stretch.

I think some folks forget addiction can be mental too.

Taking large doses of acetaminophen can be dangerous to your health. I think it's important you touch base with your Dr and see what they suggest you do in order to avoid this becoming a problem again?

They may refer you to someone else.
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@dee74 thanks. That is something I might most definitely try, I live in a small community so I cannot be sure how great of results I will get, but I will try to talk to them.
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Yes it sounds like an "obsession" more than an addiction, but we can have all sorts of obsessions. Lord knows I have plenty. But seriously, Acetaminophen is really hard on the liver so be careful with that.
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I don't know if this fits you Max, nor would I offer a diagnosis in an anonymous forum or at a distance without a live consultation, but there is a simple phobia known as intense and extreme fear of either physical or emotional pain, often both. It's typically accompanied by panic and anxiety, and is often (but not always) associated with a traumatic event or events during childhood, and in concert with a genetic predisposition.

People with algophobia typically resort to extreme measures in order to avoid pain of any intensity. A sense of dread and intense fear accompanies even mild pain, and situations -- both those in which a reasonable risk for pain is present, and those that present no obvious risks of incurring pain -- are avoided. There are easily hundreds of everyday situations that a person with algophobia will attempt to avoid, situations that people who aren't algophobic perceive as having minimal risk or no risk at all for pain to occur. Operating machinery, lifting heavy objects, playing games or sports, house cleaning, driving, climbing stairs...

Symptoms associated with panic attacks -- shaking, sweating, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath -- are also common.

Make an appointment with your doctor.
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I actually get a slight rush from ibuprofen. I have heard that your body can produce "phantom headaches" to get you to take it. I will google that to verify and if I find anything good I will share the link. I wouldn't think that one incident would send you into addiction. Are you thinking you are going to keep taking it? That stuff is so hard on your body.

Edit I did not find much credible evidence to support addiction or dependence
I did find this but it was one of the very few so don't panic.
Acetaminophen Addiction Trouble | Alcohol and Drug Rehab Referral Office
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I understand your addiction. I actually witnessed two different people withdrawing from Benadryl and it has to be one of the safest drugs around! Their withdrawal was horrible and had to be titrated.

I would strongly suggest that you find an addiction specialist to help you since this is such a specialized addiction. I am sure that there is an answer out there to help you succeed in kicking this. Welcome and best wishes!
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there is no withdrawal from paracetamol. they give it to people in rehab, if it was addictive they wouldn't give it to people in rehab. They also give ibuprofen to people in rehab. They are the two most common non-addictive painkillers. If you think you get a rush from ibuprofen I would say thats a placebo or a mental thing or you don't know what a rush from drugs is
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