Alcohol Substitute

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Alcohol Substitute

Just posting this for anyone who feels the frequent cravings like I do but wants to stay away from booze or any mind-altering substances.

My ex showed me how to make this for myself to ease cold and flu symptoms. I have found that it also mimics some of the familiar sensations of drinking booze without the intoxication. And unless you have a sensitive stomach and/or get heartburn from hot peppery things, it's also good for you:

You need about as much fresh ginger root as will cover the surface of your cell phone. Peel it and mince into tiny pieces.

Grind about a tablespoon and a half of black peppercorns.

Throw the ginger and pepper into about two quarts of water and boil for 15-20 minutes. After it is thoroughly steeped, pour some through a tea strainer into a mug and sweeten to taste.

You can keep the rest in the fridge and heat up a cup or two in the microwave as needed.

It is just a hot herb tea, but it recalls some of the feelings of drinking, and it definitely relaxes you and helps open up the sinuses too. When I have time to make it and have it available, it has significantly reduced any craving I have for alcohol. By no means a miracle cure for cravings, but a lot better than nothing. If the black pepper hurts your stomach you might enjoy just the fresh ginger tea.
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Ooh. I don't thinks I would like it. But thanks.
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boil some ginger and cola. that is a really good hot drink
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Ginger ale works for me!
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I find a nice chamomile tea with one sugar is my favourite. Last thing at night.
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chamomile tea is nice, with honey
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