And i was feeling so cocky..

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And i was feeling so cocky..

Well, as I approach 3 weeks, today I had my first real test. Up to this point I was feeling rather pleased with myself that things were going so smoothly...easy almost. No real withdrawal major cravings.

Well today my AV showed up from its hiatus...."hey, remember me? The one who wants to ruin your life?....I'm baaack!" Boy did I war with it a good part of the day...maybe I had low blood sugar, anxiety...but I was feeling fluttery and almost light headed. Voice kept whispering that a drink would make me feel better.

Thankfully, I won the battle, and started to feel better too. Boy am I glad I am now getting ready for bed knowing I will wake up tomorrow with another day firmly in check! Today was a tough one, and I now realize there will likely be more of them.

Just want to thank you all for helping me through! Was so helpful to me.

Have a great rest of the weekend all!
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Really glad you made it through Dolly

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These things happen. For me they became much less frequent. I can,t recall the last time it happened. Over time i got better and understanding my emotional state.

Stick with and these dramas wil be a thing of the past
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Dolly I'm soioooooo glad to read your post. I was worried at the tittle you scared me lhahaha. I too had a struggle today I will share tomorrow as I'm sitting in a room with all my family wishing I wasn't on the first floor do I could jump out the window!!!

But I too am sober looking forward to a hood night sleep!

Again so proud of you!
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Smile that is so me

That is so me no cravings no withdrawls for a couple of weeks and I get cocky got it licked no probs so I cant be an alcoholic Im just someone who likes a beer or two what nonsense alcoholic indeed not me then BAAAM I am drinking every day again.So this time I am waiting for those sneaky voices and cravings Well done for getting over them I wish you all the best and hope I can do the same when the cravings com
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maybe I had low blood sugar
I still have issues with the AV when I get really hungry. Keep some food on your stomach! You beat it and that's what counts!
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That is awesome, Dolly! Those days are so hard, but the payoff at bedtime and the next morning is so worth it.
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Learning to live again
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Very proud of you Dolly. We know how hard it is to get over those hurdles. You made it - and it will get easier.
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Dolly, good for you for recognizing that voice and staying on track. I'm glad you got through that.
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I am so glad to hear you made it though!
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Good for you, for staying strong!
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