My Journey

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My Journey

My journey has been a wild one. I have always had a problem with not doing something that I cant do. Drinking alcohol is something that I cant do and that I don't want to do. before 2009 I use to drinking a lot. I started drinking before 21 and by 2009 i was 23. I meet the love of my life and he made me stop drinking for a whole year. than a year later I thought i could handle drinking again, and by 2012 I was getting back into my whole habits of drinking almost every night.My boyfriend almost called it quits on my and I sober up by October of 2012. things have been going great. my problem is that when im sad or stressed drinking is bad for me. I also come from a family gene of alcohol drinkers. what one friend of mine told me one time is "that your family drink alcohol like fish drink water". between October of 2012-May of 2013 my life was going great i graduating from college (been going part time since 2009 because i work full time) me and my bf could never be better we are in the middle of buying a house as we speak i do also go see a Doctor to deal with my stress/ anxiety problems ( that why i relied on alcohol in the first place). on Monday 5/13/13 i have never been happier and i deiced that i would by a small bottle of alcohol (what i call airline bottles) and celebrate all my success( it something i cant have). after i took that first sip in many month i felt guilty. Not to tell my b/f but because of how far i come. i admit before 5/13/13 i have gone to the store to buy alcohol but i threw it right out knowing its was wrong but this time i took a sip. my b.f found out and go mad but i was already made at my self. I have come a long away but my journey is still i start over but this time i was not in the place that i was in October of 2012. so for everyone out there even if you happy and have a problem drinking DON'T this is my first and final lesson about drinking when your happy..Ill be ok it just takes one day at a time, and everyone out there i want to let you know that its better without drinking.
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Welcome Amanda! You found a great place for help and hope.

You're right - life is better without drinking. Wish I'd learned that decades ago. I'm so glad you are dealing with this now, in your 20's. You can do it! Glad you joined us - we are here to support and encourage you.
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