Hello. My Name Is Steve. I'm An Alcoholic.

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Hello. My Name Is Steve. I'm An Alcoholic.

Hi all,

I'm Steve, and I'm an alcoholic.

I've known for a while, but have been in denial.

I drink every night, without fail. Strong cider. I guess for the last 15 years.

It's affecting my marriage, and yet I don't stop.

I want to stop, but at the same time...I can't imagine doing so.

I'm not aggressive, violent, etc. when I drink, but jeez, what kind of husband/dad am I?

(a bad one, presumably).

I think the term is functional, or maybe habitual, because I have no desire to drink until the evening...but once I start I don't stop. No control.

I'm thinking about joining my local AA.

Sorry for the 'me, me, me'...but just writing this down has helped!

Anyway, thanks for reading! I'm sure I'll have some questions soon.

Best wishes,
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Welcome Steve! You found a great place where we all understand how you're feeling.

Drinking was affecting every aspect of my life, too - and I didn't stop until I was brought to my knees. I went on for many years trying to be a social drinker - couldn't imagine letting go of it. As a result I almost lost everything - and in the end, I was drinking 24/7. When I came here I knew I was no longer alone - and I found the courage to change my life. I know you can do it.
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Steve this plsce is great for support! You can totally do it!

I won't say that is so easy because its not. The first week is hard. Hard to do the things you always did with a drink in your hand. Slowly you WILL relearn to do them sober.

For me remembering a time when drinking made me ashamed or not be the person I am, keeps me stearing clear of the bottle.

In time you will feel so proud of yourself. If your kids are still young you have the power right now to change the role you play in their lives.

I have used my two kids as incentive I think about would they want to look back at their childhood and say mommy was always drinking! Nope I don't.

I'm no expert here only 38 days, but I'm doing it!

I wish you so much luck!!!!
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Welcome Steve. You've found a great place here. Let us know how AA goes... A lot of us here have been exactly where your are now...
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Welcome Steve!
You came to the right place. Lots of support here.
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Welcome Steve! You will find lots of support on here!!
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Originally Posted by SteveInTheUK View Post
Sorry for the 'me, me, me'...but just writing this down has helped!
Welcome ... and don't be sorry! Please post more about you, seriously. I'm finding sobriety to be hard work and the people in this forum have been nothing short of wonderful. Also, you never know when something you post will give inspiration and support to someone else. Keep posting and never give up.

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Welcome, Steve!

I think drinking gradually takes over everything in our lives, and alcoholism is a progressive disease and it will get worse unless you stop drinking.
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Welcome Steve,

Please don't be sorry about the me, me, me. Because it is all about that. You have to quit for yourself (me), because that's the only way you will. Make quitting all about yourself. It's what you need to do. At least, that's what's working for me.
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The combination of this website and the face to face support of people in AA helped me tremendously.
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