Withdrawal doctor time!!

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Unhappy Withdrawal doctor time!!

Okay... No rest for the wicked. At least none last night. Insomnia-yep. Hot/cold, sweat/shivers - yep. Itchy all over- indeed. Nauseous - check. Dizzy - check. Brain dead- seemingly.

And before this I was on a massive 4 day bender which followed years of heavy drinking blended with massive benders, dabbled with a couple of breaks here and there. So now it's day 3, no drink... And day one and two were a hangover really. So now, magical day 3 is upon me and I think it's time to drag my pathetic state to the doctor. Hopefully they'll let me fight this out at home.

This is definitely my worst withdrawal ever. But I've read they become more dangerous/worse each time. Considering this is attempt # 834,501(JK) I'm going to play it smart and get some help.

Anyone done outpatient detox? What can I expect with that process?? TY in advance for any/all replies!
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Good luck with the docs, definitely a smart move.

I've done an outpatient detox a few years ago, but I live in UK and things are massively different. Basically got given librium and had to go to the detox unit every morning. I also had to have someone staying with me.

Just see what the doc says, and talk through your concerns about inpatient.

Keep us updated!
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I totally understand how you feel. Today is te beginning of day 2. I had massive hot/cold, sweat/shivers. Slight nausea and itchiness. I didn't realize that was a withdrawal until I read this. Of course being miserable translated into very little sleep. Thankfully I don't think my symptoms are bad enough to need to go to the doctor because my insurance sucks!!! Try hard to keep hanging in there. Once you (we) get through the withdrawals it will be so much better!!! Good luck!
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I've done outpatient detox several times. Basically (in my experience) they'll probably give you benzos.. thiamine and possible blood pressure meds...
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I'm glad you're going to the dr to get checked out. I know for me, each detox was worse. Very scary stuff.
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Hey, thanks for the info guys. I'm pretty much stuck in bed for now, but I'm trying to pull myself together to get out of here. This really sucks!
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i dont want to scare you but please dont put it off. Day 4 was the worse for me and i had to go to the hospital.

call and make the appt and go
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I called... I'm waiting for coordinator to call me back. TY whiskey
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