Yesterday changed my life! Please come read!!! GET HELP!!

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Thumbs up Yesterday changed my life! Please come read!!! GET HELP!! friends....greetings!!!! I first posted here 8 months ago in this thread (i haven't posted enough so they won't let me post the link to my original post back in September)

In that thread I created.....I was drunk, having a pity party and feeling sorry for myself, and though I talked a good game, and probably meant well, I did nothing about my problem. I have continued to drink heavily, nearly a pint every other night, for the last 8 months.

Finally, my wife got to the point where she was serious about leaving, calling friends to ask if she could stay with them and packing her things. I vowed to go to counseling/therapy, and I did.

Here I am, 3 weeks later, after seeing a psychiatrist. I told him everything. All the lies I've told over the years, all the ******** I told my wife so she'd leave me alone while I would sneak upstairs and chug a pint in 30 seconds, all the lies I told myself like "I made it through a week of work, its Friday, I deserve a drink."

For the first time after 6 years of being a functioning alcoholic, I'm finally getting help. I am currently on a medium dose of citolopram for depression, and Naltrexone for the alcohol cravings. I am only 20 days into my medication, and I can't begin to describe the freedom I feel. I am not craving alcohol at all, which is the first time I've been able to say that for 5-6 years.

I am so happy, my wife and I are doing much better, and most importantly, I feel like I have control of my life for the first time in ages. I cried tears of joy for days after the meds kicked in, feeling myself again.

PLEASE...if you're a member or a guest reading this, get help. feel free to PM me if you need to, I would love to talk to anybody through e-mail or even give a phone call if you need somebody to talk to. I've been a slave to the bottle for so long, and now that I'm finally liberated, i want to spread the love and support!!!!!
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Welcome to the road to Recovery!!!

Here is the thread you were talking about:

Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing as we do care!

Love and hugs,
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It sure does feel nice when we are free from alcohol. Then we can begin to work on our underlying issues. Congrats on your sober time!!! Keep on keeping on.
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MTM82 - I came to the exact same realization when my outpatient treatment program insisted that I see a psychologist who referred me to a psychiatrist. There was nothing scary about the process, contrary to what I had built up in my mind as an excuse for not getting help in the past.

I sincerely believe that the majority of us are self medicating underlying anxiety/depression with alcohol and other drugs. Remove the anxiety/depression, and the compulsion to use is lifted. Congratulations!

FYI - when you come off of the citalopram, make sure you wean off under doctor supervision. The withdrawals can be nasty. All I will say is "brain zaps." Check it out.
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Glad to hear you're doing better MTM

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Originally Posted by MTM82 View Post

I am so happy, my wife and I are doing much better, and most importantly, I feel like I have control of my life for the first time in ages.
best news that I have heard all day
and I don't even know you

stay sober
for most
it get's even better

many blessings sent to the two of you
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Welcome back!

You're right, you haven't posted enough!

Please come here more often to share your story of success!
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Congrats, I hope it all works out for you and your wife. my wife noticed a huge change in my attitude, mood and behavior. I hope you let her know what it means that she stood by you.
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Congratulations on your success! Thanks for posting...we love these stories!
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Yes !!! Thanks for posting ...great story
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It makes me so happy to read something like this! I'm really, really glad for you; thanks so much for coming here and sharing the joy you're feeling right now.
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We have to be ready, MTM. I'm so glad you finally are.
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Hey MTM I remember you we joined same time. I already had 3 months sober and have remained so. If I can do it you sure can. I can tell you it is really great I wouldn't give those last 8 months back for anything.

Best of luck
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Posts: 58 happy for you and your wife! Being honest is a good thing and now you got the help you needed all along
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