Roommate Is On Crystal Meth...

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Roommate Is On Crystal Meth...

My roommate just moved his friend into our apartment and he is staying in our living room. His friend smokes crystal meth daily. Although he doesn't bother me and keeps to himself in one spot in the living room, I am forced to stay in my room with my cat so that I am not subject to that activity and so that my cat is not exposed to it. To top it all off, this situation revealed that my roommate is also on it. They both sit in the living room 2-3 days without a break, taking computers and electronics apart and putting them back together. I have no where to go and have already paid my half of the rent for the month. I don't have anywhere to go. I don't want to be here, it makes me nervous to be woken up at 3 in morning by an electric screwdriver and loud music. I need some guidance please. I don't want to call the police because they will know it is me. What do I do?
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I'm sorry for your situation.
I have no real advice, I just know I couldn't live in those conditions.

In the short term, I'd think really hard about finding somewhere else to stay for a while.

If your name is on the lease maybe you need to think about getting a new roommate.

If your name is not on the lease I'd be thinking of moving out.

how will they know it's you if you call the police?

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What a horrible situation!

Bottom line is you or they have to get out of there. Did you just recently move in? Anyway you can get some of your rent $ back & stay in a hotel (some do allow animals)?

You could try talking to your roomate but if he/she is high all day for days at a time I doubt that would be very productive. At the very least you need to plan for next month as this is not a livable situation. Like Dee asked, who's on the lease?
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Does your landlord know?
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Prepare to move out as soon as possible. You can take care of you right now.

I wish you the best!
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