iPod Therapy?

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iPod Therapy?

Just curious .. has anyone else here used their iPod (or similar device) to battle the temptation to drink?

I don't think it would help very much if you are experiencing the headache and/or irritability that goes with the early withdrawal stages, but when I do not have that -- but just the psychological urge to drink due to stress or whatever -- then plugging my headphones on really helps.

I listen to anything that I think will counter the need to drink. It could be soothing music, or motivational music, brainwave entrainment or just an interesting audiobook. I find it's quite a different experience from turning on your stereo. The earplugs force your brain to focus. It's difficult to think about anything else. As for music, it has the effect of redirecting emotions too -- to something more positive or calming. A nice side benefit is that you can do other things while listening -- clean house/do chores, for example.

I don't think visual stimulus like the TV or internet is that great. If you're watching, your brain is still free to wander. Vision is something that is never 100% focused. And most people who drink seem to have the habit linked to TV/internet.

I wanted to throw this out there since it's something that most of us can do and it's definitely helped me through some rough patches.
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I find that listening to AA conference speakers MP3 downloads are excellent for me.
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I love listening to speaker tapes and other material when I'm working around the house.. I can't sit still long enough to read sometimes.. Lots of good free stuff on iTunes and Silkworth has a ton of free downloads as well.. Good stuff!! Enjoy your weekend!!
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Of course Miyako,
I would marry my Iphone if i could...I listen to podcasts and music, when I'm driving or working out at the gym.
I find it mentally soothing and on a productive path.
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I have my "guided meditation lessons" on my iPod.
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I love my ipod and music has saved my soul too many times to count.
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What's an ipod? lol

I still have a VCR and a flip phone. lol And my TV definitely is not
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Music has saved me many times too, & not just in a recovery sense, either

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+1 for the speaker tapes. I'd be hard pressed to note a single more helpful thing to me when I first got sober. Gotta thank @newbeginnings for linking me to a speaker tape from there when I first showed up here on the forum desperate and scared out of my wits.

Think I listened to hours upon hours on my iPhone every week. Some of the stories I heard from XA were truly enlightening and honestly allowed me to understand that it CAN be done... that dying drunk need not be my fate. Oh, and that it's very much WORTH IT.
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Pandora....public radio..jazz and old showtunes...
My Galaxynote-2 phone...and my tablet...(netflix and downloads to my cable stations) to stream the premium stations to my daughter through her Xbox.
I'm not an Apple snob but my daughter is...i like the jellybean.
I'm obsessed with Candy Crush...much better than booze, lol
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Yea, I just joined Rhapsody, they gave me a free month. You can listen to all the music you want to any time you want. I've been listening to old music I haven't listened to in a while, and some new stuff. Although some bands I equate with using, so I have to be careful.

I've also tried the speaker podcasts, as well.
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I can't stop listening to white noise apps lately!!!
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I recently got an ipod and it's a major part of my recovery right now. I listen to it in work to make my job more tolerable. I have downloaded all the AA speaker tapes from itunes and this: Dharma Punx - MP3 Talks . I am not a buddhist or in AA but there is really useful stuff on these. Oh and I download all the BBC comedy podcasts just so people think I'm nuts when I'm laughing to myself
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Music is like breathing �� a major life saver.spend my time plugged into my phones playlist or playing music myself. If you get the right song, it can change ur day ��
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Wholeheartedly agree Animanurse.
Somedays 1 song makes the difference.
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