Day 47 and wanted to drink.

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Day 47 and wanted to drink.

On day 47. When I was driving home from work I thought about sitting on the deck and having a beer. I mowed the lawn instead, but it was a rough urge. We can do this, just think of what we have to lose by drinking.
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Think it through , the following morning and the next few days etc. sober is liberating.
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You can do this Matt - thoughts cannot harm you - especially if we respond to them in the right way

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I'm glad you got through that.
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Way to go I am day 32 and have to say the recent warm weather and sunny sky makes me have an urge it was always my favorite time to drink. Congrats on resisting the urge. And now you don't have to cut the grass this weekend 😃
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I'm glad you didn't would have been a bad start to your weekend! Have a fabulous glass of fresh iced tea with lemon instead
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Well done :-)..I'm having a few rough days as well

Let's mow straight through them !! :-)..sorry about that!
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This warm weather has been driving my urges through the roof, too!

Just commiserating.

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Hey, it's my day 47 too. I just let the grass grow today. It'll be there tomorrow.

I've had the drinks and the drugs in the back of my mind it being Friday and all. But it's getting late and I'll probably just head to bed soon and, once again, wake up without a hangover.
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Its the crazy crap this disease does to our brain. Just remember its false pleasure you would be receiving. Its just a lie living inside your brain. Beat it by not giving in!
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