Back again, 2 days sober..eating more?

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Back again, 2 days sober..eating more?

Hey everyone, I'm back here again. Fully committing myself. I have gone a couple days here and there, but things really need to change with me. Me and my husband had an argument a couple weeks ago (about my drinking) as usual. We ended up in a struggle, I called the cops and he got arrested due to several marks on me. The thing is, I don't know if I pushed him first like he claimed, and was just holding me back..I mean I was drinking and he doesn't drink..he has court tomorrow and I hope all goes well. This whole thing has just woken me up, he's such a great husband and we have 3 kids, I don't want to lose this. I'm currently 2 days sober, I went to a concert with some friends in Friday and as usually drank too much, I can't stop once I start. Anyway, there are a few things I notice when I am sober, I eat a lot more, especially at night when I would usually have my wine. What's up with that? Will it eventually stop? Also I have been breaking out with pimples the last couple months , normally I have great skin, could this be alcohol related? I plan on going to AA this week, I really don't think I can stay sober more than a couple days without some sort of support group. Reading here helps a lot also.
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Hi-congrats on day 2 - good going,keep it a day at a time :-)

I am the same -was a wine binger and after a few days couldn't stop eating! - on a month free now and still at it!.. Wine was a great appetite suppressant for me,I could skip days of eating.

Listen to your body,if it wants feeding then go for it early days,few pounds of weight gain nothing to worry about and once your energy levels increase then exercise time can start- make you feel even better!

Spots- yes had little outbreak -just the bodygettingrid of the junk !

Wait a month and see the difference ! Clearer skin,no dark circles,cheeks back,no bloated face.lm noticing great changes and that is not including the health changes"

Keep going, your doing fab!

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Hi. Well done on two days sober. Lots of things will get better if you remain sober: your appetite included.

You say you're planning on go to AA later in the week. Have you been before? You could perhaps ring your local AA office and talk confidentially with someone on the phone about your situation beforehand and they may be able to advise you on a suitable meeting. They might even be able to arrange a lift for you if that's helpful.

Do keep reading posts on this site. There's lots of people who've been in the same situation as you.
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