Decided to drink one last time and it was a nightmare.,,

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I am about to hit day 30 of my journey. Part of me is so thrilled I have come this far and think that well, maybe I have learned to control and could have "just one".

But I know that "just one" will turn into "just one more" and end up at "just one bottle".

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Bradley!
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Originally Posted by RDBplus3 View Post
Yep, Addiction is like that. I have done the EXACT same thing...I didn't 'crumble' so to speak of..just a simple impulse that I could drink and 'Handle it'....but the problem is that when 'I' drink, 'I' become impaired and the ADDICTION gets in control...then as I drink more, the ADDICTION is in control, not ME anymore...and that is SCARY...because 'I' am no longer in control, but 'I' suffer the consequences...WHATEVER may happen while the ADDICTION is in control...VERY SCARY..that is why I agree with your conclusion...better to never feed that hidden monster inside me again...'I' can't take that risk again, because I may not be able to recover from the consequences if there ever was a 'next time'.

As a side note, have you done the AVRT Crash Course? Do a web search will see Rational Recovery / Crash Course....take the Crash Course right there on the website. It is free, and it gives a great perspective on Addiction Recovery.

I do NOT drink...and I will NEVR change my mind...the consequences are NEVER worth the RISK
Jesus... This is so spot on its eerie. Literally what I have been / thought about trying to convey but couldn't find the right words
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