day one again

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Angry day one again

I can't believe that as much alcohol has done to me I drank again I'm hoping this is my finale day one.
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but, tomorrow will be day two
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I hope so too Tom.
What's your plan?

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We don't kill our wounded here. I relapsed so many times I couldn't count them.
Even with solemn vows and throwing booze away, it always came back. That craving and the search for a drunk that would feel like the old days before I crossed that line into alcoholism.
My only hope was total abstinance, and I've found that now. Man, I joined here five and a half years ago and have two years four months sober, so you're not alone.

Don't give up. Remember how you feel now. Think of where that first drink will lead you.

Best to you.
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Thank you for all your kind words. Right now iam going to keep coming coming back to this cite. TOM.
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Hang in there man. I too have relapsed more times than I can remember. This time it seems to be taking hold. I learned a lot from the previous failures. Above all don't give up!
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BarrysMama (05-06-2013)
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It's an insipid addiction, but it can be beaten. You can do this!
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Hey Tom

Do not beat yourself up over your relapse, it will only give you more self pity or depressed feelings to trigger more drinking. Just brush this away and say today is a new day and it will start anew. You will not find anyone in here that will judge you or brand you a weak individual for what you did. Do you attend AA Meetings at all? I told myself a long time ago when I had my first attempt at rehab for pain pills in December of 2011 that I didnt need meetings and I ended up relapsing about 4 months later. Now I sit here after my second rehab on October 29, 2012 almost 8 months sober. I owe a lot of it to going to meetings 3-4 times a week. Granted you do not have to go and submerse yourself in all that is said and done, but I have learned that being with a group of people who have had the same experiences helps dramatically with staying on the sober path. I have a sponsor, run my own bi-weekly NA Meeting in my hometown (which I never thought i could do in a million years, but do anyways and love it!!). Also, the best thing about approaching sobriety is that luckily if you do make it back to sobriety there are so many different outlets and ways of getting sober now it awesome. Well Tom I will sit here and keep you in my thoughts, and ask that you do not beat yourself up over relapse ok? Take care

patrick k.---
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