Good Morning Everyone - 28 Days

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Good Morning Everyone - 28 Days

Good Morning All,

Today is my 28th Day Sober, and I figured it was finally time to actually post something after a good couple of months reading and being inspired here.

29 Days ago I got a DUI, and that woke me up fully (though I had been coming to the conclusion a long time) that I needed to finally stop drinking. Court date is Thursday, can't wait.

I've been a binge drinker since my early 20's, and I'm now 52. Never a daily drinker, but, the past couple of years things really started escalating. Not so much in the number of times a week I'd drink, but in the quantity I'd drink once I started.

I find I really can't moderate well. Sometime I can, usually if I'm out in a social occasion, but most times I can't. So for me, I'm taking alcohol off the table.

That's going to be hard, as one of my hobbies the past 7 or 8 years was home brewing. But I've already dumped/donated my stock and tossed all of my empty bottles. Better that hobby than me.

I'm also an active motorcycle rider and club member, and as I'm sure some of you know, the biker culture tends towards drinking. I'm guessing I'll end up with suspended license for a while so won't get to ride much this summer (what a time I pick to be an idiot) and I'm thinking that's a good thing in a way. It will give me a bit more time to get this sobriety thing nailed down before I start going on Poker runs and the like again.

Anyway, I'm pleased to meet everyone, best of luck to us all.
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Welcome. You have a leg up because of your self honesty, hang in there. I don't think it matters how or how often we drank, it's what resulted in what happened when we drink. Alcohol affects so much of our body and with some so easily. I know people who I can't believe just don't get it. Look at all the repeaters in pain here. With many around here EVERYTHING must be lost before realizing I'm eligible too. We don't have to fall again if we don't pick up that first drink. BE WELL
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Riding a motorcycle and being in recovery
absolutely can go hand and hand. Never
did I ever dream that one day I would meet
someone in this lifetime who owns their own
Harley and after my 25yr. 1st marriage ended
a few yrs. ago and be riding as passenger to
Sturgis. Never did I ever imagine being sober
and taking a riding course and getting my
endorsement. And at the age of 50.

Never did I ever imagine getting tattoos at 50
either. Never did I ever imagine getting married

There is so much I never dreamt could actually
happen while being sober. and enjoying it.

Yes, it is absolutely possible. No matter what

Of course, I could still be living in my misery
or possibly dead by now, which nearly happened
22yrs ago. However, my family did for me what
I couldn't do for myself and got me help I desperately
needed at that time in my life at the age of 30.

A 28 day inpatiant rehab stay with a 6 week out
patient recovery program attached learning about
my alcoholism and receiving the tools consisting
of steps and principles to build a strong, secured
foundation to live upon each day I remained sober.

To incorporate those tools and knowledge in my
everyday affairs, then passing on that knowledge
to others still struggling with addiction in order to
be happy, honest, healthy and alive today.

To enjoy and truly appreciate life today and all
that it offers as gifts of the promises stated to us
in a recovery program. To ride thru the countryside
admiring the beauty before us outside with the wind
in our faces and the sun upon our shoulders.

Quiet, serenity, peacefulness, freedom on a bike
leaves me speechless and in aw. Eyes wide open
to enjoy sober one day at a time.

It's all there for the taking to enjoy, appreciate
and be grateful for.
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Not trying to push AA on you, but AA has a huge biker crowd of sober riders.

Congrats on 28 days!
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