A good sign for this new sobriety?

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A good sign for this new sobriety?

I hate flying. I don't drink before I get on an airplane because then I would have to get up and use the bathroom, haha. To handle the severe panic that grips me, I get three Xanax from my doctor, one and a half for each way. I only get three since I am an alcoholic and know they can be addictive.

I have dreams of having to fly and it's too late to get to the doctor. Total terror in my dream. Last night I had same dream, but I poured myself a drink before I got on the plane. My inner dream voice reminded me I was sober and I dumped it out. The plane took off and I woke up.

I've never had a using dream where I refused to use! Dreams are supposedly the subconscious mind working out problems, so I hope that was a sign of being stronger this time. Good way to start day 4.

Sorry for rambling, husband is gone until next week and I had to share! .

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That is awesome, Roosta! I think that's a really good sign... that's how I knew this time was different for me, too. I never had dreams about it any of the other times I thought about quitting.
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That is beyond awesome Roosta That's like lucid dreaming. Very talented and definitely a good sign. But don't get complacent in real life because of it Well done on day 4 x
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