It was big for me

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It was big for me

In the big picture they may seem like little steps but they were big for me. I made dinner for my parents last night. I can't even begin to rememer when the last time was that I did that. It was especially big for me because I hate cooking. I also laced up and went for a two-mile walk today after work; again, I know I haven't done that in a really long time. This, too, was especially big as my coordination hasn't been the same since my last drinking episode gave me a brain injury. I spent a lot of time looking at the ground and I didn't break any speed records but mission accomplished. I was so self-conscious of how I looked; I never care about that stuff. It was a strange feeling. Sobriety is good.
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Way to go Soberclover, those are big steps in my mind.
Keep it up!
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Well done
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Very big steps Drinking robs us of life's simple pleasures......fortunately sobriety restores them.
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Good for you. Walking is the best, and don't worry if you think you're going a bit slow. It's so great that you're out there doing it. It sounds like you're doing well.
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