Early recovery & low blood sugar?

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Early recovery & low blood sugar?

I was hit this afternoon with a bad hypoglycemic episode -- shaky, tingly, headache, clammy, fast heartbeat and the feeling that I needed to eat immediately. I got some food in me, and felt a bit better immediately and much better about an hour later. I'm at 10 days, so this isn't just immediate withdrawal from the sugar in the alcohol. I have a dr. apt. Monday so not asking for medical advice. But wondered if anyone else has experienced blood sugar issues after stopping drinking.
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Interestingly, I had low blood-sugar for many years before I started drinking. And, I had no idea that it was one of the many things that would lead to my alcoholism. My body loved the sugar in alcohol and that made it even easier and quicker for me to become addicted.

I manage my low blood sugar quite well, but do have occasional bouts like you mentioned. I eat at least 6 times a day and try to not overdo sugar. I always, always carry some kind of snack with me in case of dizziness, etc.

I hope you talk to your dr and decide how to treat your symptoms.
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it is not here almost 2 years sober now
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The liver automatically releases glucose if the glucose levels in your blood are getting too low. If you drink too much the livers first job is to process all the alcohol first, so if you haven't eaten enough and your blood sugars drop your liver does not release the glucose to help you naturally recover.

It is strange that it happened 10 days after stopping though.

I am diabetic and drinking episodes and taking insulin left me with serious hypo's at times (the day after that is).
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caffeine does not help this. I had it off and on for over 18 months.

haven't had an episode in several months now, but caffeine can set it off
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