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I successfully made it last night. It was easier than I expected. I cooked dinner for my bf and chose something that would take a while. I love to cook so I enjoyed it. He thought cooking would trigger a drink because that's what I used to do. Cook and drink. I kept a large glass of tea on the counter which helped. Unfortunately bed time was rough. I didn't sleep worth a flip and kept waking up sweating and cold. Then I'd get hot. I know that part is temporary.

I read a lot of the threads last night but didn't post anything. Right now I don't feel I have too much to offer. That will change with time and learning how to live a sober life again. Tonight I have a class to go to then we have dinner afterwards. I made plans to spend the night again with my bf because being home alone is a huge trigger for me! I can do this!!!
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Yay! Every day is sober is a miracle (but it might not seem like it at the time ).

Keep going, Sinderos!

On edit: I'm on my second try of remaining sober. First time lasted 5 or 6 days. Now I'm on day 4. I had a rough night last night (ugly day at work, wife & daughter bickering when I got home, etc.) and then I went to grille some chicken. I *always* had a drink or a beer in my hand when I grilled, but I was able to pull it off with no alky last night!
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Hi, Sinderos. Welcome to SR!

Congrats on your Day 2)

And feel free to post even If you feel like you have not much to say. It helps a lot just to vent out or share your feelings and concerns. There's a lot of support and understanding people here. Some day you will offer your help to a newbie too)

Great that you found SR.

Best wishes to you.
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It sounds like you're doing well and that you have a good plan in place.

I hope you sleep well tonight.
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That's great! Good for you!
I still haven't made it thru day 2. I'm sure your sleep will improve.
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