It's done

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It's done

Well I finally got the nerve to tell my girlfriend about my drinking problem, didn't handle it well and we broke up tonight.. I drank tonight, and sobering up and the anxiety is kicking in... Can't sleep and getting the shakes.. I have seen my doc and a counselor about my issues.. Feeling pretty hopeless.. Not sure what to do next? Anyone have advice?
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I found meetings and my sponsor have really helped. I only have 37 days but its a start. I check in here regularly helps me. One day at a time
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My first bit of advice is don't continue to drink over this.

Breaking up is hard, but drinking on it makes it harder...all drinking ever did for me was help me run away from dealing with stuff....

If you feel unwell don't hesitate to see a Dr, ok?

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Well, the most important thing is to take care of yourself. Nourish yourself, get some rest.

Tomorrow is another day.

If you cannot sleep, you may enjoy reading the many posts here for inspiration and direction.
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Thanks guys.. I really have tried all I can think of to quit.. Thought my girlfriend would the resolution and would help stop... Scared, tired, and depressed.. I know drinking adds to things, why can't I quit.....
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Missing life

...the anxiety will end....please give yourself time to go thro' the anxiety, which I know can be just from the alcohol, and from feeling the possibility of the end of your relationship...perhaps it is just meant to be ending or could be a new beginning for yourself...take time and take it, Cindy
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I also had a relationship ruined due to my drinking. After my break-up, however, I finally sought help and went to treatment. The next few days are gonna be really tough for you, but you'll have to go through at some point if you want to quit. I know that anxiety and depression your feeling but it will pass. Just don't drink.
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Your girlfriend was never going to be the reason you quit, even if she stayed. You can't quit for anyone but yourself and the only person that can keep you sober is YOU. While the break up might hurt and trigger you to drink, drinking will only make your pain worse and last longer.

It is time to just focus on yourself. The first thing you need to do is get sober. Take it one day at a time and get through the day without picking up a drink. Next, make a recovery plan. There are a bunch of recovery programs out there, there is sober recovery, and there are plenty of counselors that specialize in addiction. Utilize as many resources as you can, you CAN do this.
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