On the ledge....

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On the ledge....

It has been awhile since I have been here and since I have posted.....I feel as though I am standing on the ledge as far as picking up a drink again and feel as though I might....I am 3 days shy of 4 months sober....I don't attend meetings and I have no other sober contacts....I have my support at home but there is much that my gf does not understand about what it's like to be an alcoholic....I think only other alcoholics understand one another....she tries very hard to be supportive but as I noted only other alcoholics understand what it's like....I moved here to only about a year ago and I don't have any friends in this area to talk with about what is going on....
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Hi there. Congrats on your almost 4 months. Would you go to meetings? Just curious since you mentioned you don't. Someone recently said to me that it is easier to stay sober than to get sober. Think of all the reasons you started this journey.

Good luck
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I found support from other alcoholics was essential for me. Could you not seek out some face to face support where you are, maybe some SMART or AA meetings? x
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I would check out local AA meetings - you would be in comfortable company and hopefully make some friends as well :-)

You already came a long way - I would live to be sober that long so huge congratulation !.. You are doing superb!

Keep going and stay strong

Best wishes
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Congratulations on your 4 months sober, and I'm glad you found your way back here.
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I was feeling the same way as you last week. I was so close the edge, I had pretty much accepted that I was going to have a drink...or ten. But I didn't and I feel great about it. I stuck it out and it gave me confidence that I can do it again. The urge has passed for the most part and I am so thankful to be sober today. You can do it! good luck
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For me, I have found that I had to learn how to raise my hand and ask for help long before I was up to my neck in a problem. I don't know what it feels like or what it is like to be treated for cancer but it would break my heart if someone I loved didn't feel they could share their pain or challenges with me just because I didn't and even more so if they felt only people who did know were the only ones who could be there for them. I could certainly just listen and give them the opportunity to vent and let them know I care. That may be all I could do but I would hope it would help and I'm pretty sure it won't make it worse. Not saying I think addiction is or isn't a disease just saying it is helpful to have people who have experienced what I have dealt with but not to the point of they are the only ones. I certainly can talk about my feelings and most people can relate to that.

Just by posting you took that step of saying what you were feeling before you took an action that we all know where it will probably lead. That's a good thing!! I hope you keep going and find what you need to see it through till it passes. For me, sometimes just saying it out loud helps and it doesn't matter who the listener is as long as they just listen. Great job on the really close to 4 months!
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Well done on all your hard work (nearing 4 months) SIPD
I'm 2 months myself and would not have gotten this far, without sharing with those in the same boat. I agree with advice given, it would really help if you had some support group. You are doing so well. Sending you best wishes for continued success. Hang in there.
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I imagine AA is much the same as CA.

I have found some great people in CA who are the most welcoming i have ever met, and are always there if you need help, or even just a 60 second chat on the phone if your feeling anxious. You will quickly find friends at one of these support groups if you want to attend them.

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