who's watching perscribers?

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who's watching perscribers?

I have been on suboxone for 6 months now and after a few difficult week in the beginning it really worked well for me, the question I have is are the any watch dog groups that watch over these doctors or addiction center thar perscribe suboxone, about 5 years ago I was on methadone and the clinic I went to treat us(addicts/patients) with dignity and respect, but the suboxone clinic I am on now is terrible, I believe its all about the $$, the nurses and councelors are incredibly rude and disrespctful,I would go some where else in a heart beat, but there are very few clnics in this area, there are plenty of private pay doctors, but I can not afford that I am on disability and low income, so this clinic knows they have a lot of power and they abuse it, there are plenty of addicts waiting to get help. My question is there anyone we patients can go to about the unfair treatment we get at this clinic? I complained once and was called into a big meeting and basically asked to leave, I had to just about beg for them to give me another chance, so now I go there every week and bite my tongue, but every week I see people treated unfairly there and its just not right, we are trying to get clean and change our lives and a little respect goes a long way...
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