Drinking when not in the mood?

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Oh yes, habit. I think habit is a stage of progression that those there experts talk about. It was definately part of my journey.

underage drinking fun > parties > social drinking with friends > drinking alone in evening> drinking alone daily in the evening> HABIT

a few years later...

Life/job/family begins to interfere with drinking> lose stuff > drink day and night> oblivion > death?

this is how it has been for me anyhow, I'm currently saying enough is enough at the day and night stage.

Looking back I wish I called it a day at the habit stage, with my habit, it was a comfortable stage to be in. I knew there was a problem for me there but things were ok, I didn't really have a reason to stop. I was learning a new career and I had a great girlfriend with plans for the future.
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Can't say it became habit for me.

I usually only drink when a huge urge/need/desire hits.
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Hey, guys. It's 9:00p.m. Eastern time and today just happened to be one of those days that I wasn't in the mood. I came home from work and read a book and even though there's a tallboy in the fridge now I don't want it and i'm going to bed soon. BTW, i'm not actively trying to quit on this very day. It just happened that I actually don't give a crap about booze today.
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
It got so drinking was an accompaniment to *everything* for me, yeah.

this was me...washing dishes, drink; cooking, drink; mad, happy, sad, get the idea. A drink was part of everything...WAS!
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I wanted to drink on a certain day, and the next day I didn't want to, but I had to, so I could wash away and numb the feelings of despair and embarrassment. This last for quite a long time, with some sober days in between. Now I want to distance myself so far from my past drunk. Just like my first love, I don't want to forget it, but I am very happy to be apart from it. It was as toxic of relationship as my drinking was.
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Yes, all the time. But not tonight!
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It's in the book Alcoholics Anonymous

yes, i did that, too!
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I absolutely used to... not anymore though! Day 5 almost done.
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Ya...I can remember always thinking..."what's the point of being drunk or high now"? This would be when I was alone or worse, alone with my boys. Of course there was no good reason for it...
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Yes, that's how my binges usually ended up going on for three days. The first day I got the urge to start and then the next day I'd feel ill but still find myself drinking beer to make myself feel better. It's pretty pointless.
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I might open one or fix a cocktail when not in the mood.

But usually I wouldnt finish the drink.

Sometimes I wouldnt be in the mood but once I had one or two drinks I was ready to party.
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