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Need Advice

I need some advice here if you know of someone who is smoking crack with a baby in the house would you alert someone. This is someone I know and it is really bothering me. Part of me feels that I should do something about it because of the baby who does not deserve that kind of life. But another part of me says its not any of my business. If I turn them in she is going to know its me and I work with her. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I could use any kind of advice you guys could give me.
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That's a tough one lh....

but where there's a child involved, you're sure of your facts, and you feel the child's welfare is at risk I think there's really only one choice.

Having said that, I wouldn't act on hearsay tho.

Be very sure of your facts and motivations.
Is this the lady in yr office who is trying to make yr life hell from your last post?

It looks like there will be repercussions in your case, and you'll need to be prepared for those.

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