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Tonight's my bump.......I am extremely nervous about work tonight. It has been over a week since I've had any alcohol, but only 3 of those days was I at work. I have gone 3 days in a row of not drinking at work many times. I'm hoping and praying that I find my inner strength to resist all of the temptation. I have never had sooooo much anxiety over something in my life before.
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Are you attending AA meetings and talking with the members about your anxiety?

I wish you the best tonight.

Bob R
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I think you need to ask yourself a question:

Do you really want to quit drinking?

Assuming the answer is yes, as it seems to be from your share, then you need to do whatever you need to do to not drink - up to and including quitting your job. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

You have inner strength. Where did it come from? Pray to Him.

Good luck to you. Stay sober as though your life depends on it - like I do.
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No I have not done any AA meetings not only am I uncomfortable with the idea of them I also just can't get to them. I am literally either at work or at home I don't leave my house any other time. That is the main reason I joined this site, I can share and also learn from other people from my home.
As for quitting my job, if there was any possible way I would, unfortunately with bills to pay and no other jobs in the area ( I've been applying at other places for awhile now) I must suck it up and keep in going. I have quit drinking and chose to do so not only for my life but also my family. I am fo to be able to draw strength from them and from Jesus.
I am just trying to find ways to calm my nerves before going to work and finding something that can keep my mind off alcohol.
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Hope everything is going well, jjc...... thinking about you!
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I hope that you can get through this, jjc, and there is lots of support here.
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Last night went well, thanks so much for all the words of encouragement !
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