Back at day 1..what's wrong with me

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Stick to your resolve. I am amazed and humbled by people like Bozboz that never give up.

Michelle01 thanyou for your post it really does sum up getting sober for me. I can't do it alone and it is a lot more complex than putting down a drink.

Uofi, I also agree if I was responsible for the death of someone while drunk driving, jail time would be the least of my punishment, I literally could not live with myself. I had vdriven drunk and by the grace of God have not killed anyone.

Take advantage of this time to get as much as possible out of rehab, you have the time and the insurance.

All the best
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I wish I could get in and start the rehab right away, but, I have to wait a week because I have to go to a conference the next couple days.
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stay strong man. I totally understand about not wanting to let people know that you have a problem. I am young too, and I just feel like my parents, co-workers etc. would think the worst if they had any idea that it was even possible that I had a problem. You just need to do whatever you feel like you need to do in order to get better.
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Yay for another 26 year old trying to get sober and luvin' LOLcats. haha Sorry, the avatar is just too wonderful. Getting drunk 3 times in 7 could be WAY worse, so I have a lot of faith in your ability to stay sober longer than you've done before and it kinda makes me sad to see you get so down on yourself. If the therapy you're going to does CBT, you could also go to SMART Recovery's website and look at some of the tools they have there. They're more REBT, but I think the tools can be very helpful no matter what path you've chosen for your recovery. Heck, if you do both SMART and AA (which some people do), you'll really be on your way. Oh and I'm the secret drinker type one has ever known I'm alcohol dependent....well, minus the people on this site and the people I was in AA with, but they couldn't find me now if they wanted to. lol
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Who doesn't love lol cats?
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Thank you for your post. I'm on day one and anxious to hear back from the hospital about outpatient therapy. I agree with what you said about not wanting to wait. Everyone's posts have been so helpful and it is immensely helpful for me to know there are people out there in the same situation.
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Originally Posted by scared1 View Post
I use to try to tell myself that I am allergic to alchohol. That helped me for a while. I would remind myself that I had a bad reaction to alcohol and in order to prevent the horrible sad feelings the next day, then I should keep it out of my mouth. Remembering the shakes and anxiety and shame I feel the next day helps sometimes.
A quick google of the word Allergy:

Allergy - An abnormally high immunologic sensitivity to certain stimuli such as drugs, foods, environmental irritants, microorganisms, or physical conditions

Allergy - hypersensitivity reaction to a particular allergen; symptoms can vary greatly in intensity

Allergy - an unusual sensitiveness of the body which causes certain people to be affected in a bad way by something usually harmless

Allergy abnormal reaction of the body

1. Altered bodily reactivity
2. Exaggerated or pathological immunological reaction

Related to ALLERGY

Synonyms: dislike, averseness, aversion, disfavor, disinclination, disliking, disrelish, down, mislike
Antonyms: appetite, favor, fondness, like, liking, partiality, preference, relish, shine, taste, use

I think some of us here may be allergic to alcohol.
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Okay... I have to say that I have major love for your cat avatar!! I tried to steal it but I couldn't... <insert sadness> Where did you get it from?

Okay... so on the topic of your drinking. When I first got sober I went to an AA meeting that was located in a detox center and there I saw all types of alkies and drug addicts. I thought "man I am nothing like these people... I have a nice house, pool in the backyard, a boat, a swimming pool, motorcycles, a nice car, ect...." I am to successful to EVER be like these people. And, I went back out and I drank... and I drank.., and I drank.

Since that time I have wrecked my car 2 times... I have had 3 DUIs, lost two great jobs, and ended up in detox once.

What it ended up showing me in the end is that my pride in "I am not like these people" brought me down to a new level. And, in the end ... I am exactly like every person who ever had a problem with drinking... rather they sleep under a bridge or in a castle.

I am a drunk just like anyone else. Once I dropped that false pride I was able to let go and let my high power help me.

Best of luck in your program. I truly do wish you the best.
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