honesty :)

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honesty :)

Hey all

I thought i would share a cool thing that happened to me recently. Over the last few weeks i have been trying for a job outside the 23 year career of restuarants and all that goes with.

So i had the first interview and it went well till the question of backround checks and no felonies here but dui's. and before i could think i said no i had none . dough

well second interview goes even better and i pretty sure i got it sweet.

till no phone call for over a week, and then i thought well thats that .

then blam whoaw , i get the call awesome deal.

till that creeping thing comes back , oh no i thinking now i did maybe ill be lucky and nobody will ever know , (insanity thinking lol)

so couple days into it i cant take it anymore the stress and anxious feeling for a week now .

I finally just say to myself , self it s time to just do what you have been taught "rigorous honestly to yourself and others " so i went in to my boss and laid it out on the table and before he could answer i felt so relieved.

so doing the right thing and letting her know about these things in my past and how i have grown to change and live better, she thank me for coming in and telling her myself and ect . hug and still with the company today

"let go and let god" "gods will" "god will do for me what a cant do for myself"
all these things this man would of never said before the beautiful life of soberity.

thank you everyone here at sr , specially the ones that we chat every night , you know who you are . love you all

lets keep this awesome ride rollin
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Congratulations on your job and on coming clean Dylan

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Congratulations! You gave me a warm fuzzy feeling!
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Dylan - That put a big smile on my face. Thanks for telling us about it. I've been advised to not say anything when on an interview, but it never felt right to keep quiet. Plus, I'm not ashamed. I know I'm a whole new person and will never go back to that ugly world I left.

(Bet you won't miss the wacky restaurant biz )
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Wow Inda, thanks for posting this! It really made me feel good! You must feel good too! Congrats!!
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hey new comers , just say in hi

and to dee, sugar, hevyn, and fh lol hug

thank you for reading and posting , hopefully with this sweet style of life , new or green peeps will come and stay forever hug
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