As my usual pattern I gave in

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Gibson..I was just wondering ...have you looked into rehab? Maybe, if you try that, you could work on other issues as well. There would be no alcohol there. No distractions. Perhaps its time for YOU. Just thought I would throw it out there.

Best Wishes To You!
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Posts: 101 in patient rehab isnt an option at all. Plus,The physical aspect of my drinking I dont think is as strong as the mental...I have to teach myself to stay sober in the real world...I went to my dr today and everything that he could see looked fine..blood pressure etc...he did some blood work (not sure what for) but he said everything looks fine..He is refering me to a therapist to assist with not only my sobriety but I was diagnosed years ago with ptsd and general anxiety....he made notes on my referal to NOT offer me benzos....I have been very very hesitant about going back into therapy because Ive had nothing but bad experiences with benzos and mood stabilizers which they ALWAYS convince me I need.....(it was during that time that my drinking picked up heavy while detoxing from benzos)...I expressed my concerns with my physician and he promised to shop around via his colleages and find me someone who isnt as quick to pull at teh prescription least not until Im further into therapy.....he thinks that is my best option to stay sober is to address my other issues .....Ive heard that a time or 50 so Im going to take that route.
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Originally Posted by gibson3479 View Post
God,Im so angry at really have NO idea .

I totally know where you're coming from. I had relapsed many many times last year until this most recent successful period of sobriety. I went through a ton of guilt and shame and self anger every time it happened. The thing for me was, each time I relapsed I got a little more serious about my recovery. I wish I could have taken it more seriously from the get-go, as I would have saved myself a lot of time, pain and wasted money.

I ended up going to rehab which helped a lot, but working a program is essential either way. You have to create for yourself a life where it's easier not to drink, instead of the life where it's a struggle not to drink. It's not easy, but you can do it if you're proactive about a recovery program.

I really think it's difficult to get started on recovery until you're convinced yourself that you really have a problem. Like AVRT mentioned, until you come to the place where you realize and are honest with yourself that total, lifelong sobriety is the only solution, then you can't move forward. This is really a big part of what step 1 in AA is all about. Even if you don't go the AA route, I think this is a crucial realization for anyone who seeks recovery from addiction.

Having said that, the beautiful thing is that you don't have to get up every morning and worry about the rest of your life. All you have to do is worry about staying sober today. One day at a time is the only way that a person can think about it without going insane. Along with that, don't live in the guilt and shame of yesterday's misstep, instead just focus on maintaining sobriety today and forgive yourself (and your husband for that matter) for the past. You're going to mess up, after all you're only human. The important thing is that you get yourself up and try again.

Good luck to you. Like I said, it's not easy, but it is possible and it's totally worth it.

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If you have not done so already, please read the following book. It may save you a lot of grief in the long run.
"Under the Influence: A Guide to the Myths and Realities of Alcoholism" by James R. Milam
It costs about $8 at the bookstore, but most public libraries will have a copy.

PS: For any nerds on here, it will finally be released for the Kindle on August 17, 2011.
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<3 RB u saved my heart <3
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Originally Posted by ajangel View Post
You slipped. You came back. Alcohol is the master deceiver. Most have slipped. Important thing is your back. We are still here for you
to the point and so very true. dont give up!!!
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Originally Posted by gibson3479 View Post
Im thinking of tomorrow morning starting a 3-5 day detox cleansing diet...for more reasons than just the alcohol....I feel like I need to refresh my if nayone has any tips on that please let me know...Ive found several types but IM not sure which one is right for a full body cleanse....
I recommend a product from Renew Life. Rapid Cleanse. It's a 7 day general detoxification program you can pick up from GNC. It's got a fairly simple diet to follow and if you do the program the way it is intended you'll be feeling good by day 4. I would recommend having day 2 & 3 fall on the weekend (you'll probably have a headache).

I actually just did this cleanse and I feel pretty good. It's important to stick with the diet and follow the directions precisely (i.e. take the pills in the morning and at night on an EMPTY stomach, etc etc..)

Good luck!
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I'm not sure the OP is still around guys - old thread

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