Recently sober, falling into depression

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Recently sober, falling into depression

I don't know exactly what depression feels like, but I have been extremely sad lately, and for reasons I don't even know. I think this might have something to do with staying sober, but I'm not sure. I don't even want to do anything but lay in bed. Nothing and no one make me happy, even my closest friends. I manage to get up to go to school but generally ditch out early, and for the first time this semester I haven't been keeping up with assignments. My emotions aren't even mixed, I just have an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Has anyone experienced this while getting sober?
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Well Jil, I can promise you that my body, mind and spirit were all over the place early in my recovery. I had done so much physical, mental and emotional damage to myself that it was certainly going to take some time to unravel all that nonsense. And to a degree, there's still some recovery going on, and I reckon there always will be. But the first few months, I honestly didn't know if I was coming or going. One second I would be so elated and excited about my "new" life, but the next I would be down in the dumps.

After a couple months, though, I started to level out. It was kind of like a fog lifted, and I began to think more clearly, and I began to start feeling better. I started exercising more, and that brought me more physical energy. I wasn't drowning my brain in alcohol every day, and I began to use it more and just like any muscle, it began to get stronger. But most importantly, I started working on my spirit, which had been completely broken. Once I started addressing my spiritual maladies, and began to get right with (my) God, I think that's when the breakthrough really occurred.

Just hang in there, and don't drink just for today. After enough todays, things will start to balance out for you.
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