battle with the bottle.

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battle with the bottle.

I relapsed last night. And this morning I felt like HELL! I didn't want to go to work, and since I was already feeling sick, I went to the doctors and got antibiotics for my sinus infection. My stomach was hurting, nauseated, disconnected and moody. perhaps that was a good thing for me to feel like that since I seldom get any hangovers; it reinforced the fact that I really want to quit. I had to type a paper for school, and proposed thesis for research paper, cook dinner and pick the kids up from I had to get it together today. I'm so afraid about how I'm going to feel on friday; the feeling that I'm going to be bored.....I hate that! can I just have fun without drinking?!! suffice to say, I did my school work, and the kids are in bed....and I feel accomplished - without the alcohol. One minute at a time...right?
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Sorry for your difficulties

Any ideas why you drank aside from the obvious?
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something happened at work. thanks for asking, just thought about the correlation.
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I deal with people all day; work and school. Something is always bound to happen, either on the train, someone says something stupid that pisses me off. when I get home I just want to forget about all the mean things that happened to me during the day. I'm always in a state of self utterance.
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Hi perfectlyflawed

many of us faltered a time or two. Think about what you need to do differently...or what you need to add to what you have been doing.

You will have fun again...we're not exactly robots here

Don;t let your fears sway you - you can do this

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Please check the antibiotics bottle to see if it's dangerous
to mix them with alcohol.

This could give you an added reason to get back on the sober track.

Yes you too can win over alcohol......and I hope you will.
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