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I don't see it as the OP needing to reset the sobriety date. Some would, however, and most importantly, the OP's sponsor suggested it.... While my opinion is that it doesn't... mine isn't the one that counts!

I stayed in this thread much longer than I should have, because there are some excellent points that have come out, which often don't in these arguments. The two I found most compelling was that because the OP (celtic) didn't feel triggered when drinking NA wine, the possibility came to mind that perhaps celtic isn't alcoholic after all... The other was that celtics sponsor's opinion on this seemed to be disqualified because (s)he smokes...

But I am quitting this thread, people are laughing...
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That's quite a question. I don't know if the small amount of alcohol in NA drinks would set me off. I do know that the word POWERLESS came up and that's the definition in the big book. It's when someone has lost their ability to control their drinking. Well, back to the question, if it would set me off. I might have two beers and go home and go to bed, BUT I might have two beers and end up naked in a jail in Mexico. See I don't get to choose when that bomb explodes. I just know that eventually it will go off. I hope yours is a dud. God Bless
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Hey Celtic.....I just saw this thread and to each their own I guess. Truthfully, someone here could have the occasional glass of wine and not post about it nor reset their sober time so it comes down to how you view your recovery.

For me, I don't drink anything that reminds me of alcohol or anything food/dessert that has alcohol in it. Guess I worked my rear off to get sober and my recovery is about being absolutely alcohol free - period. When I go to restaurants I check to make sure there is no alcohol in any meal I order. I even stay away from the tiny amounts of liquor that may be in an after dinner drink or dessert. I don't care if it is cooked off or not. If a dish states that it is prepared in a "white wine" sauce.....well I don't order it.

Again, this is me and my recovery. I don't want one ounce of it in me. Its like having the occasional smoke. Why would I want to do that if I quit? Just my thoughts.

Also, I think we most know inside they are alcoholic when they seek out a sober recovery site. If we are researching then obviously......something isn't right.

All the best
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Originally Posted by celticfire78 View Post
To clear a few things up:

My sponsor and I actually talked in great length about this issue, long before I decided to start posting on this forum. I've also sought to get the opinions of people in recovery that I know in person.... as she had suggested.

I've had NA drinks before being in recovery- and never as a means to substitute for the real thing, purely out of curiosity. None have ever made me pine for the real thing. So, when I went after that bottle of NA Chard the other night, I knew that it wasn't gonna set me drunk or even buzzed. I was after it for the taste, not the effect. If I was after the effect, I probably woulda just gone out and bought the real thing.

Maybe a little too early in my sobriety to start drinking NA stuff, but no real harm was done, I think. Down the road, so as long as it doesn't trigger the real thing, I agree with what others have said about being able to have an NA beer or whatnot in moderation, in certain social situations.
I have no opinion on your sobriety date, your alcoholism (or not) or your consumption of NA wine. I do know that my brain works on the basis of associations...which is why I don't do business meetings at barrooms or hang out there with "the guys." AA says that I need to be able to go anywhere so long as I have a legitimate reason to be there....I need to not avoid places where alcohol is served. But in my early recovery, I believe if I hadn't avoided people, places,, things and situations that I associated with drinking....I'd probably be drunk today.

Myself....I can't imagine risking my life (alcoholism being potentially fatal) for the sake of some sensory enjoyment that I can very well do without. I've seen many alcoholics drink again because they were foolish enough to "tempt fate." Why risk it?

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Well, just as a quick follow-up, thought I'd mention since picking up that bottle of NA wine a few weeks ago, I haven't had a single urge to drink ANYTHING, alcoholic, NA or otherwise since. That's the longest time I've gone during my recovery without pining for anything that so much reminds me of alcohol. It's been all about iced tea, pomegranate juice and club soda these days.

That said, I decided NOT to re-set my sobriety date at all, since apparently it would seem as though that bottle of NA wine did something to propel my recovery further.

60 days today, sober. Boooyah.
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Congratulations on your sober time celticfire.

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