30 Days

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30 Days

Today I am 30 days sober and feel so grateful. My quality of life has improved so immensely over the last month... I can't even remember when I felt this good.

Every night I make a note of a reason to stay sober the next day. Today, I was riding my bike in the sun and I noticed so many little things that I was too drunk or hungover to ever notice before. It was as if all my senses were heightened, and I could see beauty all around me. That's my reason for tomorrow...
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a big congradulations to YOU

way to go and

keep up the good work
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Congratulations on 30 days!!

Hugs and prayers!

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Psalm 118:24
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grats to you on 30 days
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Congrats Avenell

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I am so feeling it, too!!! I am only on Day 10, but already feeling amazing!! Day 30 should be even better! Woohoo!!!! Yeah to US!!! :-))))
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awesome!! congrats my 30 days was yesterday!! its a great feeling!
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Big congrats and hugs on reaching thirty days!!

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Thirty Days! Wow!
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Life is Grand
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I don't know you, but I'm very proud of you just the same if that makes any sense at

30 days is going to be a big one for me (day 11 here). It has an almost mythical quality to it.
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Congrats on reaching 30 days - it's a wonderful achievement and you should be proud of yourself!!!
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Congrats avenell & busybee. 30 days.....that's great!

Keep up the good work.
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Awesome on the 30 days and the new outlook on life! Congratulations!!
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Well done! We'll keep at it together!
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