I Thought You Were A Friend

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I Thought You Were A Friend

I thought you were a friend of mine
But when things get tough you drop me like a dime

You said that nothing would tear us apart
But Someone has already replaced my part….

I kinda figured that this wouldn’t last
This what we are living isn’t the past…

Never did I think that things would turn
Yet I can now feel how love can burn…

I keep thinking that things will change
Yet there is no Sunshine only Rain…

With the rain I can feel the pain inside
I try to look for a place that I can hide…

All the doors that were open
And all I could do was keep a hoping…

Even with the hope that I had
It all kept going very bad…

Should I close that door now
I think that I should but How?…

How can I close it when I have no control
All of the things that I touch turn so cold…

How can I continue walking this path
Every time that I do I feel as if I’ve been had…

Then I start to feel really sad
Is there anyway that I will ever be glad?…

When you’re with me I don’t feel abused
Nor do I even feel as If I’m being used…

But when your are gone from me
I start to be able too see
That I really wasn't ever free….

Can anyone tell me what true friends is all about?…
Every time I think that I have it figured out
I end up being filled with so much doubt….

I hurt so much when one goes away
Than I end up going astray
That is when I can no longer feel the suns rays
And than I wonder should I even play?….

My guard raises high where I let no one in
The light that was shinning turns oh so dim
And I think that I realized that I am not Him….

What happen on this journey that I have road?…
Why has everything in my Life turned so cold?…
Is it or could it be that I have already lost my soul?……..

How can I continue to live this way?…
There really isn’t anyone left to say hey
And in all reality, I don’t even feel as if I want to play………

So I guess that this life I will live alone…
Not too sure if I even want to continue to Roam
Probably will even loose my phone……..

I thought that I had someone special and free
But something happened and they weren’t for me
Now I only wish that I had never seen…..

If I live I will promise myself this
That I won’t allow myself to ever miss
Nor will I give any woman again
What I believe is that special kiss
I just hope to hell that I don’t continue to live…..

Written by

June 2009
All Right reserved
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Wow - so much pain...

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..i'm so sorry your sad.....

..please just trust 'life'..many people care..oxo..Oz..
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Thank you for sharing that, Vic.

Heart-wrenching and painful and beautiful all at the same time.

You wrote that nearly a year ago. I hope that love has found you again, even if it's a stronger love for yourself.

We love you here...
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Always loving you Chancey...

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I'm sorry you're sad too, Vic. It's a lovely poem, though. I'm hoping the hurt you're feeling will leave you.
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May God watch over you and ease your sadness jo
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These are just the thoughts that run through my head. I wrote that within probably 5-10 minutes. Not sure why they happen or what I even write until I am done and re-read them. So thanks

That was almost a year ago. I do a lot of these things

All is good!
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