dim memory of day one

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dim memory of day one

it really funny,
i'm just over 21 days dry, and prior to this current attempt, made many false starts to stopping. my poison of choice most recently was wine, and remember buying many an expensive bottle as a celebratory 'final bottle' the memory of which i would remember for the rest of my sobriety. needless to say, i had a lot of last bottles, probably about a whole months worth.

looking back, i guess the fact i felt i needed to go out with a bang, just shows how unready i was. I managed to stay 21 days dry so far, with more to come hopefully, but cannot remember the name of the last drink i had. i know it was wine, and do pay attention to the origins etc, but can't for the life remember what it was, and i dont care! i guess right now, i no longer feel that alcohol is an important part of my life, or that it defines me to any extent. I wonder when i will forget the day i quite, maybe, then, i can say i'll be alot stronger!
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Mine was Magic Hat #9...Only 2 places used to stock that beer near me. Between both stores they still couldn't keep up with my demand. If the deli was out, the owner would apologize as soon as I walked in the store if he didn't have any...

Good Luck
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Magic Hat. You put it on, and it makes your head hurt for 12 hours. LOL.

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What I remember very clearly is how bad I felt for several days after drinking the last time. I remember how bad I felt and now I have no desire to go there again.
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