Fioricet No-more:)

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Fioricet No-more:)

I am new here. I am a recovering Fioricet abuser.My DOS was April 6 2010! And I feel like a new person.
I had been on this drug for the last 14 years.Toward the end years I would take up to 20 a day.I had to take them. well thats how it felt. I took them even tho i didnt even have a headache.It was like a security blanket for me. I would use if I was sad, hurt, angry, If i thought of them sitting in the coupboard, you name it and I had a reason I needed them. I didnt feel "high" on them just CALM. I coulnt go more than 2 hours between pills.Nevermind trying to STOP!!
I did try to stop on my own as no one really knew how MUCH i took. But that didnt work I felt i needed them more than ever.I shook , got sick,just felt uncontrolable urges.So i would start agian!
I hid about 6 bottles throughout so noone knew. Well one day last month I woke up and really took a good look in the mirror. These pills were in total control of ME!I was a prisoner in my own skin. I needed help. And I couldnt trust my self.
I called my husband of 19 yrs upstairs, told him everything, showed him all my hiding spots, called a detox center, said goodbye to my children and told them"Mommy has to go to away for a few days". Packed my bag and had my mom drop me off. Filled mom in on the way.
The hardest part of detox for me was missing my family. But I would rather them miss me for a few days than die from this addiction.
My body is slowly getting back to normal .I guess normal (I kinda forgot what Normal felt like). I still have night sweats and restless legs now and then. my Docs say thats normal.
I am so glad to have found this board to help when Im feeling down. and hope that I will have the rest of my life as a Clean recovering addict!!!!!!! Also hope I can be of help to someone someday!

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So glad you're here, good for you for taking such huge steps to increase the success of your recovery. Welcome, Jean!!!
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Welcome to SR Jean!
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Welcome to SR, I am new here, and this place has really helped me. I think just being in a place, or forum were you are with people who have been through or are going through something kinda similiar to what you and I are going through makes me feel alot better. Not that I would ever wish this on anyone, its just that I don't feel alone here. Its my support. Hope it helps you to
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Jean, good for you! You are really brave to have the steps that you did to take care of yourself.

I'm so glad you're feeling better and I hope that you continue to read and post here.
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