Beer in Fridge... What to Do?

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Beer in Fridge... What to Do?

Hello Everyone,

I just decided that my drinking problem IS A PROBLEM and I need to stop. I am on Day 3 of sobriety and trying to get through it. The problem I have currently is that I have about a half of a case of Sam Adams in the fridge. I don't know if I should get rid of it or leave it there to remind myself of my problem. I have been tempted, but my wife is being supportive and is helping me through this difficult time.

Also, is there any recommendation, whether it be tea or herbal supplement, that can help with the withdrawal symptoms? Main problems I am experiencing are Sweating, Shakiness, Anxiety, Agitation, Insomnia, Dizziness at times, and feeling of room spinning while laying down.

Thanks for your help and support,
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Need, do you have any friends that would take free beer off your hands?

I don't know what to say to take FOR those symptoms, but I did drink tea when I quit.
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I'd get rid of it.. I never needed alcohol in my fridge to remind me of anything other than wanting to drink it. You're a non-drinker now, give it to a friend

On your second point, I found that with time all my anxiety went away, and my sleep returned better than normal. If you haven't already, please see a doctor.. they can be very helpful during detox. I spent a lot of time at the gym, started eating really healthy, and did take a natural supplement for sleep (sleep MD).
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Pour it down the sink/toilet. I've never ever ever heard an addict say "wow I'm glad I kept that alcohol/drug around to remind me not to use it". It won't end well.
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Dude, get rid of it. You are in a delicate state right now, you don't need that temptation! Trust me, the memories of your drinking are more than enough to remind you of where you have been. You don't need beer in the fridge staring back at you every time you open it. When I quit, I had a full case of Coors Light in my fridge, and my wife I and dumped it down the drain together. Kind of symbolic.

For your withdrawal symptoms, see a Doctor. They can give you something to help your symptoms. Don't make things harder than they need to be while getting sober.

Best of luck, and glad you are here.
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Dump it.
Welcome. I have no advice into herbal supplements. But I know keeping that beer in the fridge will only remond you that it is a posiibility to drink and will be very handy at sabotaging any attempt at trying to quit.
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Thank you for the advice, I do indeed have someone that can take the beer from me. In fact, I'm sure that they will be thrilled that I am giving it away, because as you said...I'm a non-drinker now.

I have not consulted a physician yet. Did a physician greatly help with the non-drinking process?
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I thought about leaving remnants of a case in my fridge when I was approaching the Quit. I had a friend years ago who left a bottle of whisky in the pantry for years after he quit and I think it was there symbolically. But I opted not to, because for me that would have prompted me to replenish, as a continuation of the process I had been living. I just drank the final beers, which would have qualified as "insufficient" any other night (something like 3 or 4) and then went to bed; then didn't buy more. There are other things that can serve as reminders (there are photographs of me I don't like, for instance, ha ha).

I think medical professionals can help with the process and get a person on the right track through the food they put in their body, etc. They will also tell you when you are doing the wrong thing. But I think there is a bit of discovery that happens when a person quits and that builds an interest in "living" again, even if there is confusion. That is what makes it happen for me.
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I forgot to mention that since you do have someone who would take the beers, make this a chance to thrill the person by giving them away! If they are not suffering from an addiction problem, then better the beers should go to them.
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Im glad I have those awesome
tapes to play over again in my
head as a reminder what it was
like before during and after alcohol.

Today when i see bottles of alcohol
all I see is a bottle with a skull and
cross bones on it with the word
POISON written in bold black letters.

No fancy packages or beautiful colors.

Just black and white.

A few one days at a time add up
to the days u have sober today.

Keep it up.
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Welcome Need!!

I do agree that you should get rid of it.

As far as the Physician question mine was crucial in helping me. He was able to help guide me in the right direction and of course put me on the right vitamins that my body was lacking due to my drinking. I've been sober for 6 months and I could not have done it without his help.
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everyone is different and we're not allowed to give medical advice, but for myself, I drank herbal non-caff. tea by the gallon, (lemon zinger), loaded it with splenda....a good dissolvable Bcomplex supplement and milk thistle will help your body.

try to eat well and lightly if you are nauseated....the sweating and insomnia will decrease a bit everyday (at least that's how it worked in my case)...I also had a lot of leg soreness....i added caffeine back with coffee about a week later.

now if I can't sleep i take a tylenol PM or Advil PM and some valarian...but the "relaxing tea" helps a lot.....the supermarkets have an amazing variety around here.
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need2stop, sounds like you are doing the right thing for you which is great!
you're also coming here to SR which is also absolutely great. SR has been key to my sobriety.
you will find that when you ask a question you will get a variety of response and you will find that it helps you know what's right when you hear it.

When I quit I kept cold beer that I had left in the fridge for a few weeks before I gave it away.
Also kept a warm full 36 pack around for months until one day when my auto mechanic had done me big favor so I gave it to him.

My theory was that I have a liquor store across the street and alcohol is everywhere so there is absolutely no way I can stay away from it. I have to be able to just not drink it.

Today I can sit at a bar with a friend and not drink.

BTW, alcohol smells like poison to me now.

Sober since July 2008.

There are exceptions to every rule.
We are all not the same.
We all have to find what works for us.
For most people having it out of the house is better.
For me keeping it around was a symbol of my commitment to quit.
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Thank you everyone for your advice!

I am now 100% sure that I have found the best place to help me through this process. I am impressed at the quick responses and helpful advice already, not even being a member for one day yet!!

Thank you very much,

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Dump it or else you'll be drinking it in a few days. I remember when I used to pour out beer and then a few days later I was f*cking going livid!! Back round the shop to get more. So then I used to force myself to just leave it in the fridge. Not that there would be any leftover anyway. Only if I was doing enough pychedelic drugs to paralyse me would that ever happen.

Get rid of it or you will drink it! Then when you feel like going round the shop, go to AA or SR or whatever else that stops you from buying more.
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Dump it out. I'd put it in the trash only to dig it out the next day or a few days later. How gross and messed up is that?

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Beer in the fridge? I remember doing that to myself. I'd try to quit, but there'd be some fraction of a 6 or 12 pack still in the fridge. One solution was to drink it, THEN quit. The other was to leave it there, to test my willpower. Once in awhile, I'd pour it out.

Things can get so confusing when that voice of addiction in your head is chattering away. If you had a ticking bomb in your fridge, it would be so much easier to know what to do.

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Originally Posted by joinedintime View Post

My theory was that I have a liquor store across the street and alcohol is everywhere so there is absolutely no way I can stay away from it. I have to be able to just not drink it.
Same situation here, I have a bottle of wine sitting in the cupboard. If I'm going to drink, not having anything in the house won't help me. I can get "hooked up" in 5 min flat (yeah for some sick reason I timed it one time). Like Joined said, we are all different in some ways, if it feels better for you to toss it, by all means DO.
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Hi n33d2st0p


Yeah dump it - for me it's not a strength or willpower issue, it's an acceptance one.
I am what I am.
I no longer wish to drink so I have no business keeping alcohol around for any reason

As for herbal supplements - sorry no idea, but a Dr is always a good idea - detox is usually fine for the majority but it can sometimes be problematic for some of us.

It's always better to check things out IMO

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Get rid of it!!!!!!
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