Newcomer Looking for Help

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Newcomer Looking for Help

Hello Everyone -

I am currently living in China, and there aren't many meetings in my area to speak of. So, i found this website and, so far, it has helped me stay sober for 8 days. This is pretty good for me. My typical cycle is to party all weekend and then recover for three days, just in time to start again Thursday or Friday. I have lost alot: things, relationships, reputation, peace of mind, etc. and I just dont want to do it anymore.

I am starting to get cravings again, early, because I didn't drink this weekend. I am just looking for any guidance/techniques to stave them off and to make due with what I have available.

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This is what I did....
from my files. Hope you find it useful

I think there are 2 types of cravings
perhaps a mixture?

One type is more a habit than physical.

You drive home and your car steers into your
favorite bar or package store.
You come home tired...sit in "your: chair and
want the usual comfort of a glass/can in hand.
To sleeep better...toss down a drink.

These can be avoided by changeing your routine

Drive a different route
Change the furniture around..sit in a different place.
Fix a glass of anything non alcoholic.

If you drink booze from a can...use a glass
If you did drink from a glass...use a mug

I did time my cravings in early sobriety.
Mine were 5 to 7 minutes in duration.
seemed forever...but that was false.

I took action....drank cold watter ...brushed my teeth
went for a walk...danced around the room...ate Lifesavers

I was also taking a multi vitamin and a B 12,
I was following an eating plan for hypoglycemia

Within 2 weeks they lessened immensley... in both
intensity and duration By 2 months they vanished

Welcome to our recovery comunity.....

I had to want to stay sober
more than I wanted to drink.
Hope you do too...
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Welcome. (And great screen name BTW!)

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Welcome to SR SizzleChest
Carol's pretty much nailed it for me LOL

Hope to see you around some more
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Hi SizzleChest -


Zowie!!! China... truly a world away from Montana ... LOL!

Here's some things *I* did in early recovery
that I hope will help you -

I thought of it in relationship to all my senses... so forgive how it's laid out -


It was a tremendous help for me to play 'Speaker tapes' durning my early recovery -
to hear the voices as I went to sleep
and as I woke up helped keep me rooted in AA
and kept every aspect of my life at the time
coming from a place of sobriety.
Maybe visit to see what's available that you can download and play?


I drove to work a LONG way around 'bar alley' to get to my new non-alcohol job.
I got rid of EVERRYTHING that reminded me of bars.
(I'd been a bartender close to 10 yrs.)

The biggest thing is to remember

even if you have to write it on the palm of your hand -


When the obsession hits -
it will pass
if you only be still for a bit
and congratulate yourself on not drinking.

Get up and clean
brush your teeth
light some incense
pop a piece of candy
do a puszzle

but trust yourself that THE FEELING WILL PASS.

You never have to go through this again.
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Welcome Sizzle - I'd just like to add that SR helped me get sober over 2 yrs. ago and I never looked back. Finding out I had so many who understood me was a huge relief and comfort.

If you stop now you can repair the things you've damaged & have hope in your life again. I once partied like you, & sobered up for a few days - but because this is a progressive disease, I never drew a sober breath in the end. I eventually needed it in my system 24/7 or I'd shake and be sick. You never have to reach that point. I'm so glad you're looking for a better life for yourself.
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Welcome to SR! I've found so much support and good information here. I hope we can help you too. :ghug3
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