The motivation to get things done!

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The motivation to get things done!

So here I am mid-morning of my 6th day sober and its amazing the clarity I have now. The last 4 years ive been drinking at least 13 oz of vodka plus beers 4-6 times a week. Its amazing the different outlook I have on things now that Ive got the booze out of my system. I just feel so motivated to get something accomplished every day and make it meaningful.

Im really thankful for this site, because right now I dont really have any support from my friends or family because I dont feel ready to admit my problem to them yet. Id like to do things by myself for the first month or so, so that when it comes time to ask for help, I wont be a complete wreck and my confidence will be high.

Again thanks for the support from all of you, even though I dont know you personally, I feel like I would be letting you all down if I decided to drink.
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Nah, you'd be letting yourself down... don't feel that way because you always need to know you can come back, no matter what.

Would we be disappointed? Yep.

Welcome to SR !!

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Hey Silver Star,

I didn't tell anyone in my family I'd quit drinking until I felt comfortable, ...probably after 2 and a half weeks, and then only my Mom. For me , showing up at SR , and posting , and reading was way more helpful.

I tried some AA meetings , and just being in the same room listening to other people that had very similiar problems with booze was really damn helpful. The meetings were a little confusing at first, but they can be light hearted and fun, plus a whole lotta help .

Congratulations on day 6 !!!!!
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Welcome to SR and congrats on your six days sober! I too find I'm more motivated to do things now that I'm not drunk or sick all the time.
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Hi SilverStar!! Welcome to SR!! This place is great, isn't it?

It all gets better, and we're here for you 24-7-365. Congrats on your 6 days!!
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Isn't clarity amazing?
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I'm glad you are seeing things more clearly now!
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congrats to you! I know exactly how you feel....which is BETTER, both physically and mentally.

I didn't mention my quitting until about 3 weeks, then just to my one friend, I told my family I wasn't drinking for health reasons before they asked me to buy wine for Easter dinner.
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Welcome Silver Star
Congrats on the 6 days!

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