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i would like to talk to a woman here for help. i'm a woman and i have a serious problem with drinking.
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I am not a woman, but someone will be along soon that is. Welcome.
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Hi, my name is Corrina. I am a woman alcoholic and I would like to help, if I can!
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Hi Corrina. Thank you so much. Is there a means by which we can chat online, in privacy?
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I only say this because what i have to discuss is a little personal, so email or private chat would be best....
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email sent.
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You can also send private messages here.
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Hi Spooni

Welcome - hope you got the help you wanted

It's against our rules to post email addys here guys - as everything we post here is accessible on Google there's privacy issues to consider.

Private messaging or the chat room is the way to go (you can make private rooms there I believe?).

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hello there and welcome to sr.
i am a 37 year old alcoholic woman.
i have been sober for near 15 months through the 12 step programme of Alcoholics Anonymous.i couldnt stop on my own.
i drank for 20 years and it was hll on earth.
pm me and i will help if i can.
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