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Smile Truckin Along

Day 6 down and I feel normal again. Some mild anxiety but each day just gets better and I am working harder and harder each day to do a bit more. I didn't need 2 hours to go from bed to shower just 1 hour. Sleeping still is rough but what a good feeling it is to get up and get out and come home and not feel like I am going to climb the walls. Actually watched a movie and cooked last night too!!

I have found that like zero people I thought were pals have contacted me and I don't care. They weren't friends to begin with apparently. Now that was the pre-drinking attitude I had prior to my years of drinking. Oh well to heck with them.

Biggest thing today was HUBBY CALLED!!!! He should be home by next week!! I told him about my relapse (which he knew because we spoke last week) and I told him I was 6 days sober. I think he almost fell of his chair!! He was so happy and positive and supportive. Oh I am just so proud to be able to tell him. See he saw me drinking a little here and there over the past several weeks but when I brought the booze home and was wasted last week he knew. This was prob the best news he got. He said Thank God!!!

Just a quickie update....Thanks for all the support everyone!!
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Don't be too quick to write off your friends. Sometimes, people just don't know how to act, or what to say. They'd like to be supportive, but they feel awkward. (Of course, some are just a-holes ) Anyway, congrats on your success. It's an amazing thing to do something you weren't sure you could do.

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Congrats on your six days sober! It really does keep getting better, doesn't it?
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Awesome Kim.....I am 5 days sober, so I'm right behind you. Hopefully we can do this together
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Congrats and thanks for the kind words in my introduction thread!

Day 4 for me right now and i now know what you mean about the anxiety fading away. When I'm on a binge, all I see is the negative side of things and thats what triggers the anxiety. Today, I got through nearly two chapters of my chemistry class and thats alot for me, considering it took me nearly 3 months to even get started on it. Thank god for self paced learning.

Anyway, thanks again, I look forward to plenty of good sober times together.
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Thanks guys. We are all in it together and that is what makes support so essential. You can turn to someone who actually says "yeah I get that" and it is a good feeling. I feel like I have a community where I can turn to. I am fortunate for that because I think if SR wasn't here then I don't think I would've made it passed Day 1 without something really bad happening to me. Yeah, I totally take sobriety seriously.
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Great job kmber, keep up the good work.
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I'm glad you feel better today Kim
Remember whatever else happens in the 'real world', we always have pals here

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..from one kim to another kim..

glad your trying and best wishes...Oz..(kim)..LOL..
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