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Hi Im Sharon and Im an Alcoholic.

By the Grace of my HP and people
like you here in SR I havent found
it necessary to pick up a drink of
"POISON" since 8-11-90.

For that and you I am truely grateful.

STOP for a moment.

BREATH in deeply and let it out.

Relax and calm down.

Let all ur frustration melt away.

Now smile

How do you feel now?
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Cool Stop-Breath-Relax....

Hi AASharon,

That is one of my Relaxation Techniques but find myself holding my breath while doing something & not relaxing or breathing in & out. It certainly is part of my daily life when something seems hard to do.

I am having a spell of depression/anxiety that I know not from where it came this time of year. I did see my doc & we did one med change by making it a prn up to every six hours which seems to be helping.

Your post gave me a good jump-start to my morning.

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Thanks Kelsh as I see ur Sobriety
date is a many one days at a time
collected together like I.

As I was getting myself together
this morning I was thinking about
the newcomer.

Many have started with day one
sober or clean just like us. I recall
in rehab where i spent 28 days
after a family intervention placed
me there and the feeling of dispair.

Those first few days when ur trying
to adjust to not having chemicals
to depend on. Scared. Anxious.
Depressed. And all sorts of other
feeling whirling around.

Or the ones learning to do this
on their own at home.

Just to let the newcomer know
that we are here for them just
like many were and still are for

A soft suggestion of encouragement
can mean the world to someone
just starting on their road of

Just take a deep breath, calm
down, relax and just stay still
for a moment.

Surrender allow someone
to carry u in those first days
months or however it take till
u feel strong enough to
walk on ur own in recovery.

Remember its ok to ask for help.
Its ok if u dont know it all. Your
not suppose to in early recovery
cause i surely didnt. Open ur ears
and listen to the wisdom, exper-
iences and hopes of those that
are leading the way for you.
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thanks...I needed that!
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